Getting To Know You - Brandon Wellington

As 2016 prospects begin to show up at Montlake and fall into the media blackout abyss until they set foot on the field, we begin our series where we get to know the players a little better with questions not necessarily geared to just the football field...

Height and Weight? - "6-foot, 215."
What have you been up to this offseason? - "Not much, just working on my speed and agility, getting my power up. Just making sure my weight's there and my feet are good so I can hopefully get in and play right away."
How many offers did you have? - "I honestly don't remember."
Besides Washington, what other schools were after you really hard? - "TCU, UCLA."
If not Washington, then what school would you have chosen? - "It's tough to say because I didn't go through the whole process. I don't know. Gut feeling? Maybe TCU was the next one up, but I don't know."
Why did you choose Washington? - "The coaching staff, and being home - being close to my family."
What did you enjoy about the recruiting process? - "Not that I can say. Can't say I didn't enjoy the process, can't say that I did. I really didn't to go through the whole thing, so I couldn't really tell you. But if it had to be something it would probably be my official visit to U-Dub."
What did you hate about the recruiting process? - "No. There wasn't anything I didn't like about it. It was just neutral to me. I think it's just because I committed so early and it happened so fast. I didn't have strong feelings about it one way or the other."
Funny story/anecdote from the recruiting process? - "Nothing I can think of. Nothing that was hilarious or anything like that." 
What are you going to miss when you enroll at UW? - "Definitely the home-cooked meals is a big one. Being around my parents. There's a lot of things. Even though I'm in-state it's going to be like I'm out of state."
Assuming you have talked with the UW staff, what have they said about where you'll play once you get to UW? - "Right now it's pretty much just wait and see when I get in there, see how we play and feel it out. Right now it's up in the air." 
What kind of car do you drive? - "I think it's a '95 Lexus. Two-door Lexus."
What's your favorite movie? - "Favorite movie? (laughs) That's tough. Matthew McConaughey, he went up in space...
(Interstellar). That's my favorite."
What's your favorite CD/music on your ipod right now? - "A lot of hip-hop, a lot of R&B. Probably two country songs. I'm not a big country fan at all. Right now there's a lot...YV, Bryson Tiller, Drake, Chance The Rapper...stuff that's hot right now."
What's your favorite kind of food? - "Steak. Steak and potatoes and asparagus. I like it done medium-well."
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