Getting To Know You - Kentrell Love

With the the 2016 class now enrolled and currently deep into the media blackout abyss until they set foot on the field, we continue our series where we get to know the players a little better with questions not necessarily focused to just the football field...

Height and Weight? - "I am 6'2", 164."

What have you been up to this offseason? - "I did track this year -- high jump, long jump and triple jump -- to that helped me stay in shape and it also worked on my explosiveness. The coaches said they'd like me to get to about 200 pounds, so I was really focused on my body weight, but I lost about 15 pounds from the end my senior season due to getting sick and I haven't been able to get it back on yet."

How many offers did you have? - "I had 12 offers."

Besides Washington, what other schools were after you really hard? - "UCLA and USC were the ones recruiting me the hardest of all the schools that were after me."

If not Washington, then what school would you have chosen? - "That's a tough one, but probably UCLA. I really liked the vibe there and the coaches there were after me all the way up until the end."

Why did you choose Washington? - "I felt like it was the best fit for me. It gave me a chance to get out on my own, get away from home, and I also really had a great relationship with the coaches. I loved it every time I went up there."

What did you enjoy about the recruiting process? - "Early on, I loved the attention. Another great thing was trying to help your friends get noticed and get offers."

What did you hate about the recruiting process? - "Toward the end, when I was just getting all of these calls (from coaches and the media), it was sorta annoying, but honestly, I was blessed throughout the process, so it really wasn't that big of a deal."

Funny story/anecdote from the recruiting process? - "I don't know how funny it is, but in the summer, I had been talking a lot with Michigan and their coach hit me up on Twitter. We were talking and he was really wanting to get ahold of me, so he asked me to call him. I was like 'cool coach, send me your number' and then I accidentally dozed off. Next thing I know it was like two hours later and he had messaged me about five minutes after I fell asleep I guess, so when I called him there was no answer and I guess they moved on from me. They must have gotten the guy they wanted (chuckles)."

What are you going to miss when you enroll at UW? - "I think my family and friends mostly. Oh, home cooked meals too. My mom can cook and I'm going to miss her cooking, but I'll get to have it when I go home on breaks and stuff. She cooks really good food, so I'll definitely miss that."

Assuming you have talked with the UW staff, what have they said about where you'll play once you get to UW? - "Corner. They like me as a big corner."

What kind of car do you drive? - "I have a 2001 Chevy Malibu. It's been a good car for me."

What's your favorite movie? - "Life. I love that movie. The one with Martin Lawrence."

What's your favorite CD/music on your iPod right now? - "Drake, RJ and YG."

What's your favorite kind of food? - "Ribs. I love beef ribs, but they could be pork too. Honestly, it doesn't matter. If it's ribs, I like them." Top Stories