DL Steve Cline Update

Dwyer High School took on Boynton Beach High School this evening in "The Jungle", the nickname for Dwyer's home field on their campus. Dawgman.com was in attendance and had the opportunity to see Steve's Panthers route the visitors and hang over 60 points on them in the process.

Cline played almost exclusively defensive nose tackle and was part of a line of scrimmage that never bent against an overmatched and youthful BBHS team who is in their first year of existence.

At 6-3 and 280 pounds, Cline has the physical frame needed in the trenches. Boynton Beach ran away from him a great deal of the time but Cline was able to burst through and collect a sack in the first half.

After the game we spoke with him briefly. "We are 3-0 now and everything is going great," said Cline of his new team, the Dwyer Panthers.

"I played a little bit of offense but just some blocking."

When Cline was at Pope John Paul II, he ran some fullback but the Panthers are deep enough to where Cline can just concentrate on playing D-line.

"I've got five schools I'm interested in. Washington, Iowa, Iowa State, Kansas State, and Rutgers. In no particular order," added Cline.

He has not set up any official visits but KSU is eager to get him to Manhatten for a trip to their campus.

For Washington, Coach Bobby Hauck is in touch with him both by phone and by mail. The Huskies are keeping an eye on him. "I'm interested in them, I'd like to hear more," said Cline about Washington.

He attended Washington's summer camp and would like to visit the campus again if the opportunity arises.

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