Getting To Know You - Luke Wattenberg

With the the 2016 class now enrolled and currently deep into the media blackout abyss until they set foot on the field, we continue our series where we get to know the players a little better with questions not necessarily focused to just the football field...

Height and Weight? - "I'm currently 6'4", 260.

What have you been up to this offseason? - "Lots of weight stuff and lifting. Mostly power-lifting. The coaches wanted me to come in around 275, but I got the norovirus and lost 15 pounds. I was right at 275 and just couldn't keep anything down for about a week and I lost a lot of weight. It was horrible"

How many offers did you have? - "16 offers."

Besides Washington, what other schools were after you really hard? - "Duke, UCLA and Oregon State were after me the hardest."

If not Washington, then what school would you have chosen? - "It probably would have been Duke; Duke or UCLA."

Why did you choose Washington? - "Washington just fit me the best. The staff, the atmosphere, the school, it all resonated with me."

What did you enjoy about the recruiting process? - "Honestly, that's a tough question. I'm not really sure. I mean, I liked the edits the schools would send me and some of the mailers and stuff. That was pretty cool."

What did you hate about the recruiting process? - "The biggest thing that was hard was not being able to focus on other things. I mean, I've got school and my team to focus on, but then I have this side thing (recruiting) that I needed to pay attention to. I also had all of these schools calling me and it was just getting overwhelming, but in the end it really wasn't that bad."

Funny story/anecdote from the recruiting process? - "We were coming back from Durham (NC) after visiting Duke and our flight to Chicago was delayed coming out of Raleigh because of thunderstorms, so when we got to Chicago, we'd missed our connecting flight back to California and my dad and I had to sleep on the floor of O'Hare. I don't think that was very funny, but it was definitely an adventure."

What are you going to miss when you enroll at UW? - "Lots of things -- my girlfriend, my family and just missing my hometown."

Assuming you have talked with the UW staff, what have they said about where you'll play once you get to UW? - "Guard is where they are projecting me, but I will play anywhere they want me to play."

What kind of car do you drive? - "An F-250. It's too big to bring it up to Seattle though."

What's your favorite movie? - "I love American Sniper."

What's your favorite CD/music on your iPod right now? - "Pretty much any early 2000s rap -- Snoop, Eminem, Dre or Ice Cube. I love all that stuff."

What's your favorite kind of food? - "Oh man, that's a really tough one. I like all kinds of different foods. I'd probably have to say Mexican or Italian, but I like everything honestly." Top Stories