Getting To Know You - Byron Murphy

With the the 2016 class now enrolled and currently deep into the media blackout abyss until they set foot on the field, we continue our series where we get to know the players a little better with questions not necessarily focused to just the football field...

Height and Weight? - "I'm six-feet, 178 pounds."

What have you been up to this offseason? - "Just working on my craft. Trying to get my backpedal down, working on my hips, all of the little stuff that will help me be the best I can be. I also have been working on getting my weight up."

How many offers did you have? - "28 or 29 offers."

Besides Washington, what other schools were after you really hard? - "My top four were Washington, Arizona State, Texas A&M and USC, so those were the three recruiting me the hardest besides Washington."

If not Washington, then what school would you have chosen? - "That one is really tough to call. I'd have to say it would have been down to ASU and Texas A&M."

Why did you choose Washington? - "Mainly it was my close relationship with the coaches. I had a great connection with them, especially coach (Jimmy) Lake. I went up there three times and every time, I was just amazed at how comfortable I felt with him and the whole staff."

What did you enjoy about the recruiting process? - "I'd say the coolest thing was getting to experience different things. I got to see different schools and meet different coaches and different people. It was nice to see other parts of the country and get to know different people and see what it's like to live in different places."

What did you hate about the recruiting process? - "I think the toughest thing for me was telling coaches I wasn't coming to their school. All of the coaches that were after me were great. The hardest one to break the news to was coach (Todd) Graham down at ASU. He's such a great guy and a really good coach, it was just hard. It was also tough because that was basically my hometown school. He wasn't really happy when I told him, but he didn't get mad at me. He just said to 'keep my head straight and play like I can play."

Funny story/anecdote from the recruiting process? - "I didn't really have anything funny happen, but on every visit I took, I always recalled my trips up to Washington and I was always thinking about how other schools and coaches compared to Washington."

What are you going to miss when you enroll at UW? - "My family is number one for me, so definitely my family."

Assuming you have talked with the UW staff, what have they said about where you'll play once you get to UW? - "They have said that they are leaving the door open for me to play on either side of the ball. If I had my choice, it'd be on defense, but I'll play wherever I am needed."

What kind of car do you drive? - "I have a Challenger. It's the newer style, but it's got an 'old school' paint job."

What's your favorite movie? - "The Gridiron Gang. I love that movie."

What's your favorite CD/music on your ipod right now? - "Drake is the one I listen to the most."

What's your favorite kind of food? - "My favorite food is steak. I love steak." Top Stories