Keith Gilbertson quotes - 8/14

Keith Gilbertson addressed the media Thursday night, talking about an incoming Husky, losing a current player, and how the conditions at TESC have been the past week.

On the improvement running the ball: I was pleased with the way we ran the ball at times and we had some good runs. I thought the backs really hit it. I thought that Rich Alexis had a really good day. Kenny James and (Scott) Ballew too. Shelton (Sampson) didn't get as many tries, but got the ball up in there. They got the ball in there, blocked better, and the defense got some nice stops when we were in the overtime period. First and goal from the four and stopping them on three there were a lot of positives the whole day, and particularly the last 25-30 minutes.

On the kicking competition: Somebody's going to have to make one. Normally you have to make one to win a competition (grins). We were 0-3 today.

On Sampson's migraines: As far as I know, he felt better. Whatever they did for him, worked and he felt a lot better and was able to practice. He'll scrimmage.

On the punting competition: I think they are all punting the ball better. Their legs are getting in better shape and their fundamentals are probably getting better...their drops. They've kicked the ball a lot better over the last couple of days, I thought.

On Chris Hemphill: He'll be here tomorrow and be available in the afternoon. He's still got to go through his five days of climatization, so he'll have two days in shorts and two days in shoulder pads before he can put the full pads on. He's way behind but it's important to get him in here. He's got 6 hours of academic orientation he needs to go you've got to get him going. And he'll catch on. I just want to get him with his teammates, get him with his coaches, get used to the different voices and how we do things. This is a really valuable time for a freshman.

On Joe Toledo: He'll be out until Monday. We want to get him back on a different surface and they want to give him until Monday to rest that groin. Big guys with those groins...sometimes there's a high tendency to reinjure it if you don't give it enough time to heal.

On the format of the scrimmage: The quarterbacks probably won't be live, but we'll do a lot of different things in the scrimmage. It's going to take a while. We're going to work on special teams... lots of different situations. It'll be a good go. Sometimes it'll be ones-on-ones...there will be lots to it.

On the stability of the offensive line: Tusi (Sa'au) gets in at depth sometimes and today (Jason) Simonson got some snaps in there and (Brad) Vanneman's had some snaps. There really hasn't been a change in tackle. It's been Khalif (Barnes) and (Todd) Bachert. So there's probably more movement inside. If we had a tackle move, it would probably be (Ryan) Brooks, to either side.

On Clay Walker: We gave him the afternoon off. He's got a real sore shoulder, so we gave him the afternoon off so he could get ready for tomorrow's work and especially Saturday's work. He'll need it.

On walk-on surprises: Well, I haven't seen anybody yet. Ben Warren, a walk-on linebacker who I think is a good player, tore his ACL on the last play of practice yesterday. That was bad news. Until we see them play a little bit more...

On the TESC facilities: I think they like the beds. We have a hard enough time getting the guys out of them. These guys do a fabulous job. The food is good, the facilities are good... these people go out of their way to help us out. It's just great. It's good for our players to get out of their comfort zone in Seattle and come down here and do something different. I'm hoping it's a great benefit for us when we go out on the road. That way you're used to being away from home and performing, and that travel is not that big of a deal. I think we get a lot out of this. Top Stories