Coach Gilbertson Quotes 8/15

Keith Gilbertson took some time after the morning practice Friday for an impromptu talk with the media. The Husky head coach had only talked after the afternoon practice prior to Friday.

On Friday's afternoon schedule: We really want to work on special teams. We are going to work one solid hour on special teams. We really want to work it and put a lot of time in there this afternoon.

On his expectations for Saturday's scrimmage: I'm really looking for guys to look like they know what they are doing after 14 or 15 practices. I'm still looking for guys that are going to create collisions. We look for guys that are going to hit people, run, hustle, play hard. You'd like your first team defense to be dominant and your first offense to move it with some consistency. You'd like your running game to look like it's beginning to develop.

On how he'll use the backup quarterbacks in the scrimmage: We might give Isaiah (Stanback) and Casey (Paus) a series with the ones just to see them with that first line a little bit.

On how much Reggie Williams and Cody Pickett will play Saturday: We are not the NFL. This is not the National Football League. We've got to get ready to play two weeks from tomorrow. They'll get their reps.

On Cody Pickett, Reggie Williams and Charles Frederick: They've played a lot together now. The three of them have run a lot of plays together and they've caught a lot of passes. They've spent three years together, that doesn't happen very often. You see that more in the National Football League, where guys are together that long.

On the depth chart at receiver and tailback: I still couldn't tell you who our third receiver is. I have an idea, but I don't want to say because nobody has jumped out there. I want to see somebody just out. I've got an idea who the best tailback is, but I want to see it.

On key positions where improvement needs to be shown: I think safety is real crucial. Somebody needs to develop there. The punters I think have gotten better. I think they've improved. We've got to get real serious about PAT and field goals. The punting has gotten most of the focus this week.

On the competition at SAM linebacker between Greg Carothers and Tyler Krambrink: That's going to be a battle all the time. That's going to be good competition.

On who's making a push for playing time: I think Tusi Sa'au is going to push somebody for a guard spot. I think Adam Seery has really improved at fullback. I think he's going to contend. I think Jerome Stevens has maintained his position on the number one defense. You would think that Marquis Cooper and Scott White are having great competition. I think those two are competing. Scott White, every time I look up, is around the football. Matt Fountaine has improved a lot at corner. Chris Massey has missed all the work. Right now it's Roc and Derrick Johnson. Chris has missed a lot of training camp.

On Chris Massey being in red Friday morning: I thought he'd be back this morning, and I got out here and he wasn't. We'll wait and see if he can go tomorrow, and if he can't go tomorrow then Sunday.

On a new face at short-snapper: Mike Mapu has really got a nice fastball. If he can improve on some of those fundamentals we'd like to have him back there. And he's a big guy. We're going to keep working with him. Top Stories