Pac-12 Media Day Blog (Updated 3:10 pm)

Dawgman.com's Kim Grinolds is down in Los Angeles Thursday and Friday for Pac-12 Media Day. Washington Head Coach Chris Petersen is there, as well as Husky players Darrell Daniels and Kevin King.

We will be updating this blog with all the relevant information coming from Pac-12 Media Days Thursday and Friday.


3:10 pm - Kim spoke at length with the Pac-12 Networks' Yogi Roth, who always has some great insight into the Pac-12. Here's a full transcription of their conversation.

What do you tell people when asked what you do? - “I love storytelling, to be honest. I love football, obviously. It’s the biggest passion in my life. And when I call games on Saturdays it’s three and a half hours of stories. And in the offseason I get to do documentaries, films, plays, or blogs, or Instagram - whatever. I just love stories. Whether it’s taking pictures in Cuba, I went on a trip this year to Croatia and wrote a ton. I wrote the film ‘The It Factory’, which is the Elite 11 this year. Jake Haener is in it, by the way - I know your fans will love. His Mom is featured in it, who is a big reporter in San Francisco. I love stories, man.”

On your partner Kevin Calabro working with the Portland Trailblazers - “I’m so happy for him. I don’t know if this is breaking news or not but he called me when he was going through it. What a great opportunity. One, obviously Seattle get an NBA team! Come on! You would have had the voice there.”

Now the rumor is they may move the Trailblazers to Seattle - “He must have the juice! I believe it. But we call him ‘Smooth Jazz’ for a reason, man. He taught me so much as a young broadcaster. The game is easy for an analyst because you’ve lived it your whole life. It’s the delivery, it’s the preparation, it’s the communication. He’s an icon in the industry. He’s going to be a broadcast Hall of Famer. So for me to get four years with him is really cool. I’m heartbroken selfishly, but really I’m jacked for him. When he told me, my first words were congrats. They are so lucky to have him.”

Who blew you away at The Opening last week? - “Tua Tagovailoa was special. Davis Mills, on his way to Stanford…all 12…Jack Sears, uncommitted…especially for this west coast audience. It was special what these quarterbacks did during the process. You can see the film at Elite11.com. It’s a series and you can binge watch. I think the thing I’m most proud of as a storyteller - our crew killed it. To be able to write it like we did and celebrate the kids was awesome.”

And then the offensive linemen we saw... - “That’s one of the funnest parts. They have pads on. They have helmets, they’ve got shoulder pads. We just watch and enjoy that entire experience of guys getting after it. Wow, he’s 16, maybe 17! How can they be that big? And then you get Ndamukong Suh, the coaches that are around them - you look over there and it’s legend, legend, legend.”

On UW QB commit Jake Haener - “Excited to see Jake compete. I think he’s got a competitive temperament that fits exactly Chris Petersen’s MO. You can argue he’s got that type of mental makeup similar to that of Kellen Moore, similar to Chris Petersen. Overlooked. Nobody knew about him until he came to the Elite 11 in Oakland and went off. Got his invite and all of a sudden coaches are calling. For him, to go to a ‘huge place with glitz and glamor’ where it felt cool? He went to a place that was about the work. And that’s not a knock on any program, but that is UW. They are not throwing parties every week. They are getting to work. I love that. I don’t think he’s a guy that’s going to play early but I think he’s a guy that will develop. And he can throw it as well as anybody in the country. The ball just comes off his hand…we look at the revolutions of the ball and he just has that speed. When you play in Seattle at Husky Stadium you’ve got to be able to pierce the wind, you’ve got to be able to pierce the weather. You’ve got to be able to deal with it, so I love him. I think it’s an upgrade in their meeting room immediately. You look at his demeanor, he’s a special kid. You’ll love the series (Elite 11). Episode three…episode two you get to know him but episode three it’s pretty cute. We lie to him and we tell him he’s going to get a big interview with me and we hype it up like it’s super. You better be ready! There’s going to be hard questions. He comes in and it’s his Mom. That was pretty funny.”

What have you learned during Media Day? - “I’ve learned that it’s been a full turn. You look at Stanford and fans know that, a lot of ‘em know Christian McCaffrey but people are screaming the most when they are walking around. That’s never happened in LA before. That’s never happened around Media Day. Stanford, you can go to their games and it’s not as though they are celebs, but they are making that turn. I think they have a chance to run the table this year. That, to me, was really impressive, being around them. I think Colorado - it’s going to sound crazy - but they are going to be…they have been close to a bowl game the last two years, the amount of games they lost by such small margins. Sefo (Liufau) is going to play. To me, that was one of the most heartwarming pieces. And probably the best moment - me and Curtis (Conway) agreed - was Kevin King talking about Chris Petersen. In their interview, and it’ll be at Pac-12.com, he just talked about the guy, the mentor, the family man and their conversation coming over here today for Media Day. I think all too often, and even media can get so psyched but you’ve got to keep it fun, you’ve got to get to the personal side, because we’ll have so much time for the football. To hear from Kevin, who by the way I can’t believe how long he is playing corner who will play more outside this year. It was a blast. I could go on for days.”

On Utah laying in the weeds - “They are my favorite in the South. I think there could be a three-way tie at the top and they win the tiebreaker if Troy Williams is playing well, who obviously your fans know extremely well. I’m excited for them. I think their defense is legit. You look at the last 11 years, seven of the 11 champions in the Pac-12 were top-4 in rush defense. And the four were Oregon when they were just scoring 50 points a game. To me, there’s something about that truth. I don’t think anyone is going to go with just one loss in the South. I think Utah is for real, and I think it’s for what we don’t know either: don’t know who is playing on the d-line at USC, let alone quarterback; don’t know what the system is going to be like at UCLA. We know they are good on defense but are they elite? We don’t know who the touchdown-maker for them is on offense on the outside. To me, Utah is that consistent team that, they aren’t sexy but they are going to create turnovers. They aren’t going to miss tackles, and they are going to move the ball on the field and eat up the clock.”

How different of a guy is Chris Petersen? - “He’s had the experience, and I think that’s the big thing we have to talk about. Even Sark, it was his first time being a head coach. You learn along the way and look what (Pete) did at Boise. And then there’s always the knock. He’s always going to try it with ‘Boise guys’. They don’t do that. They are recruiting ballers. They are doing great in their recruiting. For me, he’s unique. Personally, being in those meetings, being around him - he’s got such a depth in his philosophy he reminds me of coach (Pete) Carroll. I was up at Hawks’ practice a couple of weeks ago finishing OTA’s and he was there. I think there’s similarities there between those two guys and the ‘why’ to what they do. Whether it’s building a ‘real man’ like he is off the field, getting guys to 3.0 off the field GPAs. And then playing with a seriousness about them to me is awesome. And what people don’t know about them is how fun of a guy he is. He’s as serious as his business - he said it to (Mike) Yam today, he said I’ve got a bad sideline face. It was pretty funny. ‘I’ve got to work on that’, because he’s always got that competitive look. But I’m a huge fan. To me, he’s a top-5 football coach in all of college football and UW - it’s a gem to have him.”

Any other games besides USC-Alabama and Stanford-UW that you want to see? - “I’m calling Oregon week one. It’s UC-Davis, so I know what should happen. But who is going to be their quarterback? I called last year’s game against Eastern Washington and they couldn’t stop anybody. They’ve got a 4-3 defense, changing the scheme, going to a one-gap defense, and how do they operate in that? Who is going to be the starting quarterback? And to me, Oregon reminds me of Stanford two years ago. Stanford goes 8-5, had the best offseason in David Shaw’s tenure, we know what they did last year. We think we know what they’ll do this year. I think Oregon, after talking to them, had their best offseason under Mark Helfrich since the Chip Kelly era because guys went back to work. I’m excited, because at the skill positions they are as deep as anybody in the Pac-12. They’ve got more running backs than a majority of teams, they’ve got real receivers, and they’ve got real tight ends. I like them and am excited to see who starts.”

Why do you need a quarterback when you’ve got Royce Freeman? - “Fair. But at the end of the day, no matter what, I fundamentally believe in this: every single big game, critical season comes down to a third-and-seven and you’ve got to throw it. You’ve to to catch it, you’ve got to complete it. You’ve got to put it on a spot. You’ve got to anticipate a defense, make an anticipatory throw and get it out. And if you can’t do that? That’s the difference and those are those plays. Kevin Hogan against Notre Dame. You remember one throw he made last year and it was that. You have to have somebody who can make those plays. I don’t know if it’s Travis Jonsen or if it’s going to be Dakota Prukop.”


2:20 pm - Kim spoke with Stanford athlete Christian McCaffrey Friday. Here's a full transcription of their conversation.

What’s it like being at Stanford? - “You can walk on campus and no one will even look at you. And that’s awesome, honestly. You’re in class with some of the brightest minds in the whole world, the next Mark Zuckerbergs, the next Steve Jobs, Bill Gates - all these people that have accomplished so much in their lives, and you’re surrounded by so much greatness that it humbles you. It makes you want to continue to work hard.”

Top newcomers? - “We’ve got two really good receivers that I like, two good running backs too. There’s a bunch of them. We haven’t really put the pads on. All we’ve done is conditioning and lifting and all that stuff so they are on a little bit of a separate program, a freshman program. So we haven’t seen too much of them in terms of football other than they are still learning the offense and all of that. That’s a talented class for sure. You look across the board. There’s a lot of really talented guys.”

Luck helping with the Heisman process? - “No. I was really thankful. Andrew and Toby (Gerhart) were really cool to me during that whole process, giving me advice and letting me know the things they did and how they handled it. They said just enjoy it, have fun with it. It’s definitely a lot. It’s an eye-opening experience for sure. That was the first time I got to…the season was long and then I got to meet a lot of really cool people that I never thought I would meet. You’re having conversations with Marcus Allen, you’ve got to kind of take a step back a little bit and realize where you’re at. Stuff like that was really cool. They just told me to enjoy the whole process and whatever happens have fun with it and just maintain that chip on your shoulder and remember why you play football.”

Is the attention overwhelming at times? How do you deal with it? - “I think it’s overwhelming if you let it. I don’t let it be extremely overwhelming. I kind of handle it just like anyone should: I enjoy all victories and celebrate them and I love talking to you guys, but at the same time I’m not on social media a whole lot. I try to get away from it every once in a while and I still got my family, who have been so cool. That’s who I stick to, my family, my friends, God.”

On his brother going to Michigan - “Michigan’s the right fit for him. Everyone’s got their own school that they love. I fell in love with Stanford and that’s the fit for him. I don’t think anything happened other than he’s been unbelievable and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future because he’s a heck of a quarterback. I wish we could have gotten him but we didn’t offer him so that’s just the way it is. Football’s football, but he’s a heck of a player. Got to be with him this last week at The Opening Nike camp and saw him play a little bit…can’t wait to see what he’s got in store.”

Did Harbaugh sleep over at your family’s house? - “No he did not.”

On Coach Shaw saying he’d be happy to give you some of his responsibilities - “No. Coach Shaw, I could not do that. I have no business doing any of that stuff. He calls the plays and I run ‘em. That’s all that happens.”


2:00 pm - Kim spoke with Washington cornerback Kevin King Friday. Here's a full transcription of their conversation.

Feels like you should be a sophomore. Has it gone by that fast? - “Yeah, it’s gone by that fast. Reporters ask me about that and I keep saying it sounds cliche but I remember the first day I stepped on (campus) and it seems like yesterday. It really does go by that fast. It’s crazy, but I had a good journey and I’m excited for this last year.”

Do you remember your ‘welcome to college football’ moment? - “Yeah, I’d say my very first PRP (player run practice). We have them in the summer when there ain’t no coaches there and it’s in the summer so the new guys just came. And it’s 7-7’s, 1-1’s, stuff like that. I must have been doing 1-1’s with Kevin Smith my freshman year and he ran this curl and comeback and go and I thought I broke on the comeback so hard I thought I had it. He just broke back and left me in the dust. I’m like, oh my God. It’s slowed down since then.”

He is in the NFL - “Oh yeah. I’d like to go against him now but Kev - that’s my man.”

On stepping it up as a senior with the draft looming - “It’s about consistency, playing with that motor. I’ve always been that guy who’s never loafing, who is always with that intensity. I want to be that guy that is just a warrior out there. I’m really trying to hone in on my corner skills and I think I haven’t played too much outside, playing more outside this year but I think being that technician on the outside is something I’m really focused on.”

How hard is it to move from inside to outside? - “I wouldn’t say it’s that hard. The more shifty guys are on the inside, the little guys. Guarding the bigger guys is easier.”

Do you have to tone it down sometimes? - “I wouldn’t say it’s an issue, but my Dad he tells me about that. Try not to get no flags. I don’t want to be seen as one of those real hot heads guys that you can’t control them on the field. But at the same time cornerbacks have to play with a different type of swagger and that’s my game. I’m not veering away from that. I definitely try to stay under control and stay on my game, don’t let nobody take me out of my game.”

How good is this defense? - “I’m done talking about how good we’re supposed to be. September 3rd when Rutgers comes around, interview me after the game and I’ll tell you how good we played that game.”

Tell me about some of the younger guys that are impressing you - “I think we’ve got a lot of guys coming back on the offensive line. They are getting real good. On the offensive line you’ve got to have real good camaraderie, real good chemistry. I thought Coleman Shelton’s done a real good job getting those guys together. In terms of us, Jordan Miller…he’s a guy similar to me, long and lanky. A taller guy, Jordan’s going to be the real deal. He’s a guy that’s stepping up. As far as who is going to fill in that strong safety position, Jojo, Zeke, Brandon Beaver, Trevor Walker - all these guys…everybody’s stepping up. Everybody’s competing all the way around.”

How close are you to getting your degree? - “Spring. I’ll graduate on time, graduate next spring. It’s tremendous. When you go to college, it’s to get your degree, and in this world it’s really important. Besides that, it’s important to me to always finish something I started. So it’s something my parents are really proud of and it’ll be an accomplishment. It’s something you can’t take away from me.”

Who is going to be the loudest Bishop O’Dowd guy on the team? - “The loudest? I would have to say me, because Camilo (Eifler) is a freshman. He shouldn’t be doing too much talking so he needs to lay low and grind. Let me do the talking.”

Any game circled? - “All of them. Every week. Every week is circled. Even BYE.”


1:40 pm - Kim spoke with Washington tight end Darrell Daniels Friday. Here's a full transcription of their conversation.

Good to get back home - “It feels good to be back in California, get some good California weather, out of Seattle for a little vacation, here for Pac-12 Media Day.”

Where’s home now that you’ve been at UW a while? - “Well, home is in the Bay. But it’s cool being down here. Honestly I like this experience, and the weather is what we like.”

Any talk ever about you playing defense? - “I’ve been trying to tell Coach K to get a couple reps on defense but we’ll see. I’m going to try in fall camp. If he sees me in fall camp, don’t be surprised.”

They let John Ross do it - “Yeah, and I’m don’t understand why they don’t let me do it! I think it’s because they need me at tight end a lot. It’s all good.”

On the TE spot - “We have a bunch of guys.”

You seem more like a physical receiver - “Exactly. I can do it all. I got it all, every package they need from me. Tight ends have evolved. You see tight ends like Gronk (Rob Gronkowski), he’s outside. He does little outside things. The game is just evolving.”

Do you mind doing those receiver things now, like being out wide? - “I see myself as both. I pick a weakness or anything like that. Being outside, I’m definitely comfortable with outside if he needs me out there. And I’m definitely comfortable in the slot against linebackers. It’s nice. Regardless of what they want me to do, as long as I’m catching balls and scoring touchdowns, it’s all good.”

On being a vet now and giving the new guys a hard time - “Definitely. We try our hardest to welcome them in the right way but we’ve got to give them a little bit of a hard time because they don’t get it yet. They’re straight out of high school, four and five-star recruits, and they think they’ve actually done something in life. But in reality, you haven’t done anything yet.”

What was the dumbest thing you did as a freshman? - “I don’t even want to talk about it. (laughs) Nah, I’m not going to talk about it. It was a rough time. Our class, we had a tough time. There were a lot of discipline (issues).”

Going from Sark to Pete - “It was kind of shocking because (Pete) really has a different message and he wants to show us about real life situations and life beyond football. That was the big difference I got from him than Sark. And I really appreciate coach Pete for trying to help us be better men.”

Could you have envisioned who you have become coming out of high school? - “I always had dreams. Right now it’s a dream come true sitting here at Pac-12 Media Day. I always knew I could do this if I had the right guidance and right mindset to do this. I was pretty confident in myself as a youngin’.”

Do you pay attention to all the pre-season hype? - “We don’t pay attention to any of that. We just…our message is really just to take it day by day and really compete in practice and compete with each other and to get better. We don’t pay attention to the outside noise. The outside noise is just another distraction.”

Any games you have circled this year? - “I’m looking forward to whoever we’ve got on our schedule. Whoever we’ve got on our first game, we’re looking forward to Rutgers right now. Rutgers is the first team we have to take care of, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

Any talk of the Friday night game against Stanford? - “It’s going to be wild, but we’re not focusing on that. We’re going to take it week by week, day by day and practice right.”

What are we going to see that’s different about you this year? - “You’re going to see more plays and you’re going to see a better leader out there on the field.”

Which do you like better? Big hit or great catch and run? - “I like great catch and run a long ways, but if somebody’s gotta get hit along the way I’ll definitely do that too.”

Ask Jake to look at you more this year? - “Oh yeah. Me and Jake have been working out a lot. We definitely want to connect a lot more this season and we’re going to get a lot done on the field.”

Impressed with Drew Sample this spring - “Drew’s a big kid, a natural tight end, a natural blocker. He’s smart, very smart. He compliments me very well. We both feed off each other’s energy and feed off each other’s plays. He’s a great all-around kid.”

I think he still drives a Prius? - “Yeah, he still drives a Prius. I don’t know why he drives…he’s too big. He lifts too much weight to be driving a Prius, honestly. That’s his choice of car, so I can’t hate on him for that.”

Who else is really stepping up? - “You can keep your eye on Andre Baccellia. He’s definitely stepped up. He’s a receiver that had redshirted. He had an injury and couldn’t play him but he has stepped up a lot - and Chico (McClatcher) too. He actually stepped it up a lot in spring. Those two really stuck out to me in spring.”

On the OL - “They are big and they are jelling right now too. They are working hard with each other, they are getting extra work to become one unit full of emotion. They are getting better, led by Coleman Shelton. They are going to be better.”

How about the DL that you have to go up against every day? - “I don’t really like talking about those guys. I talk at them a lot. They don’t listen to me no more. Those guys are phenomenal. They take their jobs very seriously. I’ve never seen a defense practice the way they do, they way they fly around, the way they really jell with each other. It’s a great group of guys.”

Who are you going to jaw with come the fall? - “Whoever wants it, whoever lines up against me. Whoever wants to take a shot at talking smack with me.”

On Jake Browning talking smack during spring - “Yeah! A lot of people don’t know that about Jake. He talks a lot. Jake is not a quiet guy. He’s a true competitor. He’s not a quiet guy at all. We like to get at the defense a lot because their heads are pretty big. A lot of people have pumped them up. Practice is always fun.”

On Sean McGrew, first impressions? - “I didn’t even see Sean McGrew. I looked past him. He wasn’t even in my line of vision. He’s going to be a great guy though. He’s fast. He’s a talented kid. He was California Player of the Year, right? He’s a great talent. We need to figure out some stretches to get him taller, a little more height on him.”


12:50 pm - Kim spoke with Colorado senior QB Sefo Liufau, a Tacoma native, about his offseason.

On his health: "I dropped about 10-15 pounds, so my foot is doing great, I can't complain and I expect to be out there for fall camp."

On being one the only QB at media day: "I think that with the experience I have and especially a lot of the seniors as well, we're a senior-heavy team, we'll be able to do some things this year so, especially on the offensive side, if we're not clicking this year, I put that on myself, but I think, for the most part, we should be doing very well this year."

On his focus, besides healing up, this offseason: "The mental aspect. There's things you can fix. You're always working to get better. If not, then this probably isn't the place for you, so just physically and mentally everything overall because everything needs work and needs to be shaped up for the start of the season."

On the new facilities at Colorado: "It's made a huge difference. The fact that we have an indoor facility now and we don't have to walk to the bottom of the hill or run in the rain and me, especially when I was recovering, we have an underwater treadmill and an Ultra G treadmill which takes away all the weight from you when you're running so all those played a big factor in me getting back as fast as I did."


12:40 pm - Kim was in the gaggle of reporters that spoke to UW Head Coach Chris Petersen Friday morning. Here's our story with the full 25 minute audio interview, as well as a bunch of selected quotes. 

DawgmanRadio - Petersen at Pac-12 Media Day


12:35 pm - Stanford head coach David Shaw spoke with the media for about eight minutes. Here are some select quotes from him.

On what Christian McCaffrey can improve on this year: "I think the thing is to look at all of the things that he did last year and say he can do each one a little bit better. He's a little bit wiser, he's stronger and he's faster and it's not a great strength program, Shannon Turley's the best in the nation, but it's also a kid we're talking about who's a sophomore in college about ready to be a junior in college, so his body is just maturing, he's still growing. We know he's going to have a target on his back, but that's why you have teammates and that's why you have a great team."

On getting Zach Hoffpauir back: "Zach is back. He came back for the second half of spring and he's in summer school. It's just so good to see him. Zach brings an energy and a passion that, I won't say that we missed it, but I missed it. I missed seeing Zach out there. He's just one of our guys. Every single day at practice he's bouncing around, he's got a smile on his face. A lot of guys that leave a team and come back, you worry that the culture of the team has changed a little bit. You have young guys left, other guys that Zach used to hang out with aren't on the team anymore, but I didn't worry about that with Zach because he's that guy that walks in the room and says 'hey, how's everybody doing' and he shakes everybody's hand, gives everybody a hug and now he's back and he's just one of the guys, so it's been great getting him back on the team."

On the offensive line rebuilding a bit: "Jesse Burkett, in the spring, really established himself as a heck of a center for us and really, most likely, has solved that new center problem. The other guy that gives me great comfort is David Bright. David has shown the ability to play either tackle position and either guard position so he's versatile and ready to be a full-time starter, we're just not sure where yet. Casey Tucker showed his versatility this spring to us. Played all year and played well as a true sophomore starting at right tackle, all spring he played left tackle, so now I have two guys who can play either tackle and David Bright who can play either guard, so now whoever we find to be that fifth starter will help those two guys get into a position."

On missing Randy Hart: "I used to call him the youngest guy on the staff. He's coached since before I went to college and what I remind people of is Randy is the only guy I know that, as a coach, has been to 10 Rose Bowls. Can you imagine that? Between Washington and Stanford and Ohio State, 10 Rose Bowls, you can't replace that amount of experience and all of the guys he's helped get to the NFL. He's still going to be around. We've had multiple conversations. He's going to come visit us periodically. He's earned the right to retire while he still has his health, while he's still vibrant he and his wife are going to travel and do a bunch of different things. I'm so excited for them. There are going to be days where I miss him because, I'm about to be 45, but there are still days when I'm like a little bit tired and I would just see this guy just sprinting past me and I'm like okay, I don't have time to be tired. If the old guy is ready to go, I've got to be ready to go."

On lightening the load for McCaffrey: "Absolutely not. I think when you have a great player, the last thing you want to do is pump the breaks, you want to push the accelerator. When I was in Oakland, we had Rich Gannon, and Rich, at a later stage of his career really hit his stride. He was one of the best players in the league. He was league MVP, All-Pro, Pro Bowl, led the team to the Super Bowl and one of the things John Gruden said when talking about Rich and when he was playing well the natural tendency for a coach sometimes is to say 'okay, he's okay, I gotta worry about everybody else' and John said it's the exact opposite. When you've got a great player, you have to challenge that great player. You have to push that great player because he's going to push the rest of the team. That's what we did with Andrew (Luck) and that's what we're doing with Christian. We're going to put more on his shoulders because he can handle it. We're going to push him harder and push him further and see if there's more things he can do.


11:25 am - UCLA head coach Jim Mora spoke with the media for about 10 minutes. Here are some select quotes from him.

On UCLA being voted #1 in the South by the media: "First of all, it surprised me. I thought that USC, Utah, Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, that those should probably be picked ahead of us just based on the way that we finished last year in a rather disappointing fashion. I would hope that our internal expectations, the standards that we're trying to hold ourselves to, would weigh more on us than the external expectations, but in today's digital world, our players will be aware of that. Hopefully we can minimize the effects on it and just stay focused on the process we need to take in order to hopefully make our way to the championship."

On assistant coach Tom Bradley and the controversy surrounding him and his time at Penn State: "First of all, anytime that you're dealing with sexual abuse and we're dealing with young people specifically, the first thing you have to think about is the victims and our hearts go out to the victims. As a father of four young children, I can't imagine the horror of being in that position and I can't think of anything more horrifying as a parent or as a victim, so our first thoughts is towards that. Tom is a man of integrity that was heavily vetted, not just by UCLA, but by others as well. We went through a lengthy process in determining whether or not we wanted to make that hire. From our chancelor on down, everybody was involved in the decision and took it very seriously with the accusations at Penn State, not with regards to Tom, but in general, so that was part of the vetting process."

On what he's happy about with his team and what do they need to improve on: "I'm happy about, we talk about talent a lot of times and talent is one thing, but team chemistry and attitude and work ethic and character and the type of culture you're building, some of the intangibles are as important as talent when you're going through a long and grueling season. Coming out of spring, I felt as good as I have in my five years there about where we were in those areas so that gives me a lot of hope for the future. It's going to be a difficult season, it always is, the Pac 12 is a dog-eat-dog conference and there are no easy games. If you don't bring your 'A' game every week, you're going to get beat, so that's the challenge, so we need to be able to build consistency and what people know is that we've had some games where we were off. I never want to say we should have won a game, but there were some games where we didn't play up to our potential, so we have to develop a more consistent approach each week and I think that comes with maturity, that comes with team chemistry and the things that we're trying to build."

On the offseason conditioning and lifting: "We've done well. Our young men have dedicated themselves to that. Coach Alosi has done a great job and part of that was the fact that we've lost some really good players on defense, some of our anchors, but coming out of the spring practices, moving into the summer conditioning program, it's a good looking group."

Biggest concerns heading into fall camp: "My concerns are always to the health and welfare of our players, staying healthy and that balance of getting the work in you need to get in in order to be prepared for the season and staying healthy. Specific to position, like probably every coach in here just depth along the offensive line specifically, filling the spots we lost, the three great receivers that left us -- Devin Fuller, Jordan Payton and Thomas Duarte -- and filling the production that we're going to be missing there, but I feel good about our team and I feel good about the attitude that they have and the way they've worked."

On UCLA's biggest strengths: "I think we've got two outstanding offensive tackles in Connor McDermott and Colton Miller. They have some special traits in them. I'm excited about the running back position in Nate Starks and Soso Jamabo and we bring in two pretty darn good freshmen in Brandon Stephens and Jalen Starks, I think that's a solid group right there. I like our defensive line and linebackers. Really I like our defense in general. We've made a little bit of a change in our scheme and gone from a 3-4 structure to a 4-3 which, interestingly enough, is what we've played predominantly anyway because we're in so much nickel, but I think it fits the personality of our players better and having them in the system really for the second year, although we've made some minor changes, it's still essentially the same system and it will allow them to play faster and more confidently and more efficient."


10:00 am - For those looking for a full transcription of Cal Head Coach Sonny Dykes' Media Day remarks, you can find them HERE.


10:00 am - For those looking for a full transcription of Oregon Head Coach Mark Helfrich's Media Day remarks, you can find them HERE.


10:00 am - For those looking for a full transcription of USC Head Coach Clay Helton's Media Day remarks, you can find them HERE.




3:04 pm - Kim spoke with former Washington safety and Portland State coach Nigel Burton, who is now working with the Pac-12 Networks.

On what he misses: "I miss the kids. Other than that, I don't miss much else. I kinda miss recruiting because that's the kids. I don't miss the hours or the administrators. I get to spend time with my family and be a dad and attempt to be a good husband, I'm okay at that."

On the conference this year: "There's no dominant team this year. The question is like it was last year -- is the South going to win the championship? There's so much depth and talent, but Staford came through last year. This year, all of the power is in the North this year. Look at what Washington State has done, Washington's resurgence, Oregon is still Oregon and Stanford is still Stanford and I actually think Oregon State is going to be better than people think. SC is still really talented. Will the North end up beating up on each other and whoever wins limps into the championship and lose? There's a lot of great storylines."

On Utah: "They're biggest question is going to be at the most important position and so far it's been mixed on how things went in the spring. It's going to be important for the guy who wins the job to come out and play well right away."

On Oregon: "I think it was pretty evident last year in the Alamo Bowl how important it is to have a quarterback. I used to hate hearing about the quarterback when I was playing, but it's obvious how important it is. Look what happened with them when (Vernon Adams) went down. Whoever steps up will be a big key to their success."

On Stanford: "I think the difference between Stanford and Oregon is that Oregon has two guys that have never played at that level. With Stanford, Kevin Hogan was amazing and with (Keller) Chryst, at least he's played at that level and he understands what college football is like at this level."

On Washington: "What's not to like. I'm a little worried about the hype machine that has been created. Sometimes, even when they have a great season, people are disappointed, so I'm sure coach Petersen is trying to temper expectations, but I think they're a year away from doing something national."

On the Husky defense: "You have two guys who are up for the Thorpe Award. You have Azeem Victor who I think is going to be an absolute terror. I think they have some serious skill back there. Do they have the 6'4", 215 pound safety that scares you coming off the bus? No, but sometime the smaller guys can be good players. I've heard that a couple of times."


2:45 pm - Kim spoke with Washington State head coach Mike Leach about what he looks for when he is recruiting a quarterback.

On what he's looking for from a quarterback: "My things are is he accurate and does he make good decisions. If he can't do those two things then it doesn't matter. I don't care how big he is, I don't care how fast he is and I don't care how strong his arm is. Then after that, how big, how strong, how fast, there's a different speed -- there's true speed and there's quick feet -- and you can go through the NFL Hall of Fame and none of them have all five of those things. The best combination you can get and the ultimate measure is how well do they elevate the play of the guys around them. That's the single most important thing that a quarterback does."

On how hard it is to find guys like that: "It's pretty hard because if it was easy everyone would do it. All of these guys want to be quarterbacks. One thing is you can impact and elevate a quarterback by training them. It's the one positon you can train them. It's easier to train a quarterback rather than a running back. With a running back, either a guy is fast enough or athletic enough or he's not. With quarterbacks, you can train them and impact his skill level more than you can with a running back or a defensive back."

On developing accuracy: "I haven't found that you can develop accuracy very well. You can improve it, but I don't see you being able to turn a guy from inaccurate to accurate. Quarterbacks are tough to find as it is and then to go out and say you're going to make him accurate, I just don't think it can happen. I get a kick out of the guys who say 'he's this big and this strong, but he needs to work on his accuracy'. You'll see these guys -- in junior high they worked on his accuracy, in high school, they worked on his accuracy, in college they worked on his accuracy and in the NFL all of the sudden they're going to make him accurate? No they're not and I'd like to see one guy where they actually did that."

On making good and quick decisions: "You don't always know what a kid is being coached (in high school), but I try to see if the ball is being thrown on time. You try to get a sense of does he have a progression and is he going through it? Is he going here or checking there? Typically it's long to short or short to long and sometimes it's left to right or right to left or is he a guy that sits, pats the ball and waits until the receiver's wide open, well that's a guy who isn't making particularly fast decisions and then if it's a guy whose letting the other team touch the ball, throwing into double-coverage, then he's making dumb decisions. I think you can impact decision-making a lot, but you prefer to get a guy who is already making good decisions because some guys can't keep their emotions in check, they are either too tight or too loose or they can't keep their focus for a sustained amount of time. They'd better have an element of good decision-making coming in and then you can work with that."

On his most accurate guys: "I've had a lot of accurate guys. Josh Heupel would be one of the most accurate, Graham Harrell is one of the most accurate, B.J. Symons was real accurate, Luke (Falk) is real accurate."


2:10 pm - Kim spoke with former Oregon defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti, who is now working with the Pac-12 Networks.

On the Pac 12 as a whole: "There's four teams in the North that will be battling for the division title and three teams in the South, but I don't think there's one team that you could say, right now, that this is the team to beat in the Pac 12 or this is the team that's going to be the champion or this is the team that will maybe go on to the Championship Series. It'll be interesting this year because there's more parity so to speak, but no dominant team."

On all of the Pac 12 QB coach talent: "I would rather play against a good quarterback coach rather than a good quarterback. It's a down year, overall, for quarterbacks. You think about five guys returning so that's seven teams with a new guy. This is usually a quarterback-driven league, but this year, I think it's a running back-driven league. I always get excited as a defensive coordinator when my team faces at team with a new quarterback, so defensive coordinators have to be excited."

On the great running backs in the conference: "A great running game can take a lot of pressure off of a quarterback, particularly a first time starter, so with guys like Royce Freeman and (Christian) McCaffrey and Myles (Gaskin), there's a lot of good running backs in this league. Whenever you can run the ball and be ahead in downs, in other words, ahead of the chains, second-and-medium to second-and-short, that takes the pressure off the quarterback to have to be the guy to make the play to win the game."

On Alabama vs. USC to kick off the season: "I hope it's a great game because if USC goes there and battles and plays them tough, then that'll be great for our league. There's always this SEC vs. Pac 12 talk out there, but Alabama, with them being the defending champs, they're going to be loaded again, but they have a new quarterback. USC always has a lot of great athletes and they'll be good again, but they have a new quarterback so it will be interesting."

On how much he misses coaching: "I will admit, I miss the players. I really do. I miss being around the staff and I miss the chess match, the Xs and Os, that go on throughout the week and then on Saturday when you're calling it and reacting to what's going on and that high you get after a win. That's the best drug ever. A victory after a long week of hard work."


1:20 pm - Kim spoke with Utah Head Coach Kyle Whittingham.

Opening - “This may be the best the Pac-12 has been. We’ll find out, time will tell. But there seems to be a lot of balance in the league, a lot of outstanding players individually. It’s competitive. With the nine-game conference schedule we’ll be beating each other up every week for the entire season, so we’ll see what happens.”

Is the conference as wide-open as it appears? - “Could be. Every year we’ve been in it it seems wide open. Somebody, there’s going to be a few teams that emerge as surprise teams that overachieve and a few that probably underachieve. That’s how it is every year. Right now going into the season there’s a lot of different teams that could end up wining this thing. We’ll see how things go.”

What positions do you feel most comfortable with going into the season and which ones are you nervous about? - “On our football team, at the line of scrimmage, our offensive and defensive line, we feel like we’ve got as good as there is in the Pac-12 on both sides of the ball. Special teams as well, very solid with our placekicker and our punter. The question marks for us…quarterback, just because it’s unsolved. Not that we’re worried about that position but there’s no pecking order established yet. Wide receivers have to improve and the linebackers have to step up and play.”

What is it going to take for a quarterback to separate himself in the competition? - “Well, it’s two things: who is going to give us the best chance to win immediately, and who is going to give us the best chance to win ultimately. That’s something as coaches we have to weigh out in the equation and the evaluation, because who gives you the best chance to win game one may not be the same guy that gives you the best chance to have the best season you can possibly have. We’ve got to get that sorted out as quickly as we can. We’re not putting a timeline on it other than certainly the drop-dead week would be the week leading up to the season opener. But we’re hoping we can get that thing sorted out before that time. It’s just got to play itself out. We can’t manufacture it; it’s got to happen. They’ve got to separate themselves on the field. It’s going to be of huge importance to us, getting the right guy. That’s our job as coaches to make sure that happens.”

Has it gotten tougher every year since joining the Pac-12? - “Yeah, I think so. But I think we’ve gotten better every year. We are certainly much more equipped now than when we entered the league to compete in this conference. We took another step forward last year. We had three teams in the conference we had not beaten since we joined the league and we were able to get wins against those teams last year, so somewhat of a psychological hump there we got over last year. We’ve now beaten everybody in the league at least once since we joined and we were tied for the Pac-12 South championship in the end, lost to SC in the head-to-head battle, but we think we’ve made a lot of headway. We’ve progressed as a program. Our program right now is light years ahead of where it was five years ago.”


12:55 pm - Kim spoke with former UW great Lincoln Kennedy, who is now working with the Pac-12 Networks.

On being at Pac-12 Media Day - “It’s a little weird because it’s so close to the 4th of July holiday and we’re already talking about football. It’s just weird how quickly it comes around. Even back to the times when I was playing when you saw the 4th of July fireworks go off it was a signal to get your butt back in the gym because training camp will be here before you know it. It’s that calm before the storm where either you pulled away from the workouts because you’re trying to get your body to heal up before training camp or you toned it down so you’re not overexerting yourself before training camp. It can be either/or, but what do they say? I don’t mind, it’s the Devil’s Playground. If you don’t figure out something do to constructive with your time…that’s why I’m here! I have to find something constructive to do with my time so I don’t get in trouble.”

On a wide open Pac-12, especially with a lot of new QBs - “That’s one of the great things about this conference. Unlike a lot of other conferences around the country that are so top-heavy, through-and-through you have undoubtedly competition from every Pac-12 school. You have the ability to be beaten by every team. Without those notable quarterbacks that set up apart, it’s anyone’s game. I think it’s going to be the year of the running back in the Pac-12 instead of the year of the quarterback. Of course you have your Jake Rosens and Luke Falks and stuff like that, and (Jake) Browning up there (at Washington), but the truth of the matter is, until you develop that proficiency of being prolific as a passer, you’re going to have to rely on the running game.”

On the Pac-12 having coaches to develop QBs - “Some of the best coaches, whether you’re looking at Mike Leach or whatever Oregon’s been able to do with their programs…the smart kids at Stanford keep finding a way to win. Sonny Dykes, Rich Rod…all these guys…that’s another great thing about the Pac-12: it’s a recruiting war. You see Sonny Dykes as Chris Petersen walks in…that’s what you see here. Helton representing USC and Mora representing UCLA…a who’s who, a gauntlet of coaches developing a gauntlet of players for programs.”

Who do you like this year? - “I’m going to give the initial nod to Stanford out of the North because they’ve been able to do it, a pillar of consistency. And oh, by the way they have a guy by the name of Christian McCaffrey. I don’t know if you’ve heard about him, he’s supposed to be pretty good. His Dad (Ed), that guy was a thorn in my side as a pro. But I want to give them a nod but I also want to see how they do offensively and how defenses have closed the gap on what Christian McCaffrey was able to do last year. Now they’ve got film they can find a way to negate a lot of things he can do. Defenses will be better to play him. Aside from Stanford in the North, I think my Dawgs might have a chance to do something. They’ve got a lot of things they’ve got to work on, they’ve got hurdles they have to overcome. More importantly, they haven’t won anything yet. So they are still a young team trying to find their own. You can’t discount what Leach and WSU have going on with their program. Falk, the quarterback, can throw it around. What makes him so dangerous is that I can’t honestly see them conceding victories that are 79-78, out-scoring guys at the last for a win. And you can’t discount Oregon and guys like (Royce) Freeman - this is going to be a big year for him to come out and do things, especially weighing on him with their quarterback situation.”

On USC playing Alabama first game - “Big test. But you know what’s great about the Pac-12 scheduling? Unlike some of the other conferences, and I’ve said this many times, Alabama will schedule someone like Coastal Carolina, some sort of cupcake and then run the gauntlet of their conference just to put themselves in the best possible position. But the Pac-12, we go schedule people from the Big Ten, we schedule people from the SEC, we schedule people from the Big 12, across the board. UCLA has taken on Texas A&M, Stanford and USC go up against Notre Dame every year. We’re not afraid to go up against that challenge. So right off the bat, USC’s got a big challenge, Helton’s got a big challenge going up against the best. You want to be the best you have to beat the best.”

Who are the players in the Pac-12 you’re looking forward to seeing? - “You can go from team to team. Whether it’s Falk at WSU, Liufau…I’m interested in seeing what the Buffs do. Mike McIntyre’s a good coach, he just hasn’t had the luxury of having consistent players at positions because of injuries. From top to bottom, you’ve got Rosen at UCLA, anyone else across the board. Every school has somebody they can promote, someone they can rely on, somebody that’s a proven winner. It’s just a matter of if they show up on game days.”

You have to love what Chris Petersen is doing at UW - “I do. I love it more so as an alumni than anything else, because one of the glaring stats that stood out to me, as of last year the football team achieved a 3.0 GPA average. I love that. As a parent who has kids in college, I love seeing that. And more importantly, the message he’s proclaiming about being a good person both on and off the field and in the classroom and everywhere else - I love that. It’s starting to translate. These guys want to win and they are pursuing it with that desire. That’s fun to watch as well.”

On Trey Adams - “Now I want to see Trey Adams go forward instead of side-to-side with those offensive plays they were calling last year, more downhill. Hit people, start mauling people, get into people’s face, see that tenacity and nastiness develop. I want to see this offensive line really move people. They have the size, now they just have to build the tenacity."

What else are you up to besides the Pac-12 Network? - “I’ll be doing the Pac-12 Network, obviously, starting this fall with the studio shows. And every Sunday I still do the Raiders radio broadcasts. So whenever they are playing a game you’ll hear my voice. I also have my show with Fox Sports Radio.”


12:20 pm - Kim spoke with Washington State Head Coach Mike Leach.

Here's what coach Leach had to say:

Loss of Peyton Bender - “I don’t know how much it impacts the depth. He and Tyler Hilinski were really battling it out and Tyler was doing a really good job. That’s part of what contributed to that. Peyton wants to get on the field. We’ve got Luke (Falk) and Tyler and some other guys and we’re excited about that.”

The impact of Gabe Marks returning - “I thought one of the biggest aspects of that was just the energy and excitement he brings to our team overall. He’s a guy that’s very passionate about football and the other players draw from that. Obviously he’s a talented guy, no question about that. The way his energy reaches the rest of our team I thought was maybe the biggest thing.”

What’s next in Luke Falk’s development? - “Steady improvement. One of his best qualities is he doesn’t have a glaring weakness. Like anybody he needs to improve. There’s nothing he can’t improve on. Just overall improvement. He’s pretty diligent about that: he’s one of those guys that is always working at it. I think that steadiness and dedication helps our team.”

Falk for the Heisman? - “I’m in favor of it. I’ve kind of lost track of what the Heisman is. At one time the Heisman went to the guy that had the biggest impact and affect on their team. If that was the case, he probably would have won it last year, or should have. The emphasis has kind of shifted from that. A lot of guys  with Heisman trophies wouldn’t have them in this day in age because they try to finesse it so whoever is MVP on the team that wins the national championship gets it. However, the inconvenient fact is, the Heisman is issued before the national championship, so there’s a bunch of speculation on that. I think they need to have two awards or they need to define it. Either you’re giving it to the guy that’s making the biggest impact on their particular team, or it’s the MVP for the team that wins the national championship. But if that’s the case they need to hand it out at the end of the national championship along with the other hardware.”

Lack of west coast exposure for Heisman? - “I don’t know. I don’t think about it very much. But I guess I’ll dedicate these seconds of my life to thinking about it. I think…first of all it always is. Bigger media bases are always going to have more writers and they’re more familiar with the teams they cover. That’s understandable, and that’s difficult to fully control. There’s that. In (McCaffrey’s case), he’s a very good player, also young. Hasn’t been on the forefront for as long as some of the other ones, and that means exposure compared to some of the other people. But I do think I guess there’s pretty good consideration on the west coast, but the fact of the matter is - our teams play later too. I don’t know. Who knows what those people…you know those folks better than I do. You never now what’s running through their head. A lot of times it’s not good. I don’t know.”

On your offensive line and replacing Joe Dahl - “I think he did a really good job. But we’ve got good quality guys. The biggest thing is depth. We’ve got the first five guys who are pretty good, and after that getting other people behind him and getting them the reps to develop their skill so that they can be as effective as they can…but I do feel good about our first level guys. Definitely want to get more bodies out there. Andre Dillard, I thought, did a really good job for us this spring. He’s got really good feet. Joe, for as long as he played, understandably has more experience and more polish. We have to get Dillard and others…it’s like keeping them fresh but still getting as many reps as you can.”

If approached, would WSU take a game if it was played in Australia? - “Put a game in Australia? Sure, as long as I can stay for a month. That’s what we outta do; have a camp in Australia, a training camp in Australia and then played a game, fly home. That would work for me. If you do it in the middle of the season it’s very difficult. It affects both teams negatively with regard to not just next week but probably the next two weeks.”


11:37 am - For those looking for a full transcription of Arizona Head Coach Rich Rodriguez's Media Day remarks, you can find them HERE.


11:35 am - For those looking for a full transcription of commissioner Larry Scott's opening remarks, you can find them HERE.


11:30 am - Kim spoke with Oregon running back Royce Freeman.

Here's what Royce had to say:

Do you think at all about breaking LaMichael James’s all-time record? - “Not really. I have a long way to go. I’m familiar with LaMichael, I’ve talked to him many times and he’s motivating me as well to be the best I can be. It’s just a family as far as the running back culture and as far as the record goes that’s not in sight right now.”

How do you pick up from what happened at the end of the year, because it seemed to follow you guys through the spring - “It’s definitely in the back of our heads. As far as me, it’s a terrible way to go out. I wouldn’t want to send my seniors out on that note by any means, so just building off of that and finishing games is where we need to start from.”

When you look back at (bowl loss to TCU), what actually did happen? - “We just didn’t finish the game. We came out hot, we came out streaky, and things happen in a game of football. We can’t blame it on anything else other than ourselves, who got hurt, no matter what mishaps were going on on the field. Bottom line is, they finished the game and we didn’t.”

Weird to think you’ll be sharing the huddle with an Olympian (Devon Allen)? - “Yeah, it’s crazy. I’m proud for my boy Devon. He’s out there. I’m wishing him all the best when he does go out there to Rio. Him qualifying and winning that race was great.”

Would you challenge him to a hurdles race? - “No, I wouldn’t do hurdles. That requires a lot of flexibility.”

Third year in a row with a new starting quarterback - “It’s up for grabs. Travis Jonsen, Dakota Prukop and Jeff Lockie, lot of other guys. It’s just going to be competitive and I think that’s only going to make us better. We’re going to see them competing and that’s going to make every other position group compete. 

Is there anything you can do to make things easier for Prukop? - “Just be back there and telling him I’m there for him. Probably most times I’m the only one back there with him if he has any questions. It’s up to me to be on my p’s and q’s to make him better. It’s only going to sharpen me as well.”

Different this year not having as big a target on your back compared to previous years? - “Yeah. We don’t know it’s not as big of a target. It’s okay, though. We’re going to go out there and it’s a long season. That’s all I’m going to say. No matter where you’re ranked pre-season, things like that - no matter where you’re projected to end up in the conference you’ve just got to win football games.”


11:05 am - Kim spoke with former Lakes star and current USC offensive tackle Zach Banner.

Here's some of the things Zach had to say:

On the Pac-12 and scheduling non-conference games - “I told somebody earlier that, the Pac-12 is the best conference in college football, hands down. We had nine teams ranked in the top-25 last year and it finished that way. To be honest with you, I wouldn’t be in any other conference, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. At SC, when we have nine conference games we want to schedule the best. We are at one of the best programs in America, we have a great staff. We have a great team and we want to represent well by playing high-class teams.”

What’s the talk in the locker room about Alabama? - “You look at some of those guys, we haven’t seen some of those guys since high school. They were top recruits just like the rest of us. The game versus Alabama is a great week one start, it’s probably going to be the game of the week in terms of everybody watching. But for us it’s our first, and most important, game. And the next game against Utah State and the next game against Stanford and the next game at Utah and so on and so on. So we’ve got to take it week-by-week. I truly feel like it’s going to be a great battle. I respect their team very much and they had good recruits coming out of high school just like we did. It’s going to be a great battle.”

What’s the OL take on the QB battle? - “Whoever lines up behind me, that’s who I’m going to protect, bottom line. That’s how the rest of us feel. I feel like we have a really great unit. We have seven guys who have starts from last year underneath their belt coming back this year. Our ones, twos, and threes can seriously start for any other school. I really mean that. We have a lot of depth at the offensive line position. It’s very competitive and I’m happy to lead this group.”

How hard has it been to have five OL coaches in five years? - “Personally, it’s been the best thing for me. The reason I say that is because I didn’t choose USC for the coaches. And my advice to any recruit is, you should not choose a school for the coaching staff - for obvious reasons. They might be there for the rest of your time there. You choose the school for the school, so I chose to come a thousand miles from home to play for USC, the tradition. My two years of high school, my junior of high school, my senior year of high school, the 2011-2012 draft - Tyron Smith, Matt Kalil - the first tackles taken. Why else wouldn’t I come here? So saying that, transitioning that over, having five offensive line coaches the last five years, has been the best thing for me. Now it gets me ready for the National Football League here in about six months. But I’m not worried about that, but the reason I say that is because you take and you pick apart with what you want to take from each coach. It would have been great to have one of the five be your coach the whole time but I’ve got solid technique down. It is hard, but it is a skill set I can use.”


10:10 am - For those that aren't as technology-challenged as the rest of us, Darrell Daniels and Kevin King are taking over UW Athletics' Snapchat account for the day. 



9:45 amChris Petersen sits down with the Pac-12 Networks



9:20 am - Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott is the first to speak Thursday, and the biggest piece of news coming out of his press conference is that an agreement between the league and DirecTV is not coming any time soon. 


In an interesting bit of news from the Pac-12, the conference has agreed with Twitter to live stream over 150 games of all sports during the 2016-17 season. This is big, as the push for more mobile-friendly content and quick-hitting bites of information become the norm. 

According to Larry Scott, this also includes YouTube and Facebook Live, so the Pac-12 is hitting the online video formats hard.



Here's a quick addition from Thursday morning. Jake Browning has been added to the Maxwell watch list of top college football quarterbacks. 


And Myles Gaskin has been added to the Doak Walker watch list of top college football running backs. Former UW RB Greg Lewis won the initial Doak Walker Award in 1990. 



As much hype as has surrounded UW Football this summer, the Pac-12 media aren't wholly feeling it. 

What's more interesting is that Washington got more votes for winning the Pac-12 title game (4) than UCLA (3). In fact, USC got more votes than UCLA, which makes the poll slightly confusing for anyone that roots for a team in Los Angeles. 


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