Coach Gilberton Quotes 8/15 PM

Coach Gilbertson gave some insight into what to expect during Saturday's scrimmage, where Chris Hemphill will line up and who's ahead in the kicking game battles.

On Friday's afternoon practice: We banged and were real physical for 10 days so I'm pretty pleased with what we've done and I thought it was time to get out of pads for half a day. We got to work on things in the kicking game – a kickoff after a safety, a tight punt from your own endzone, kickoff return after safety. This was a good time to get to do it.

On who won't be able to participate in Saturday's scrimmage: I think Joe Toledo and right now I'd guess Chris Massey. Charles Smith probably won't because he's still recovering from the stitches (in his hand).

On where Chris Hemphill will play: We thought about outside backer. I think we'll start him at free safety. I think we'll give him his first look at free safety. I think he's a big, rangy athlete and we'll see if that's a place where he might feel at home.

On who'll be the starting tailback in Saturday's scrimmage: Probably Shelton (Sampson).

On who'll be the third starting receiver Saturday along with Williams and Frederick: I'd say Quentin (Daniels), but I might be wrong. If someone else starts out there, I'm not trying to lie to you.

On the freshmen receivers learning positions: If you are a veteran guy I think you could probably have a sense of all three spots. When you are young and brand new to the system, I think it's easier to learn one and get comfortable with it and not interchange. We have the ability to move receivers around, but I think you have got to know one spot. I think it's the easiest way to do it. Right now, a freshman would be the slot receiver.

On the punting and kicking game: I think Garth Erickson and Sean Douglas have punted the ball well this week. Right now I think Garth is the most consistent. Then I think Evan (Knudson) is probably a little ahead of Michael (Braunstein) in field goals. Top Stories