Dirt Dawgs Camp Review

Saturday was all about the boys in the trenches as the Washington coaches hosted over 120 offensive and defensive linemen in their annual Dirt Dawgs Camp. Here's a look at some of the players who stood out...


Analysis: As you would expect, Tuipulotu dominated the camp. The 2016 Opening Alum won every one-on-one and showed why he's one of the top defensive linemen in the country. He showed violent hands and really caused a lot of problems for every offensive linemen he faced.


Analysis: Tryon might have just one offer at this point, but he was one of the best defensive linemen at the camp and he definitely was the top edge-rusher among the group. Tryon used his long arms and quick get off to cause tons of problems for the offensive linemen he faced and he also won the fastest man contest at the end of the camp.


Analysis: White plays tackle for Lincoln, but he's a better fit inside in college. White had a solid afternoon on Saturday, winning most of his one-on-ones and showing a good initial punch and decent footwork. White told me on Sunday that the Husky staff was very happy with his performance and they want to get a look at some of his senior film before they move forward with him.


Analysis: Kanouse got a lot of one-on-one attention from Husky OL coach Chris Strausser. On a few players he opened up too quickly, allowing the pass rusher the inside and quickest path to the quarterback. After getting some instruction from Strausser, he stepped up and made the necessary adjustment, showing coachability and his competitive nature. That being said, Kanouse looks like he'd need to move inside if he were to sign with a Pac 12 school since his feet just don't look fast enough to deal with the speed rushers he'd face every week. 


Analysis: Jones was one of the headliners among the offensive linemen on hand and he sure looked the part. He's a legit 6'4" and 315 pounds and he showed light feet and won nearly all of his one-on-ones, losing only his two reps vs. Tuipulotu.


Analysis: Irving impressed with his explosiveness and competitiveness. He was probably the second-best interior defensive linemen among the group, falling behind just Tuipulotu in that respect. The 2018 four-star defensive line prospect is definitely on Washington's radar and could see an offer now that the coaches have seen him live.


Analysis: Like on Friday night when we saw him playing tight end, Pili just blew us away with his quickness and light feet while carrying around close to 310 pounds on his 6'4" frame. Pili got work on both sides of the ball, but appeared more natural as an offensive linemen during his work with the offensive line group.


Analysis: He needs to get taller, but make no mistake about it, White is an animal on either side of the ball. His motor is amazing, he never stops, and his first step is very quick. He worked out with the underclass group on Saturday, but the coaches told him they actually were hoping to move him over to the top group but time ran out. He's a 2019 prospect who has started to garner a lot of attention with the work he's been doing this offseason and if he has a big sophomore season this fall, he could have a handful of offers heading into his junior campaign.


Analysis: Wow. This kid is impressive on the hoof. He's a legit 6'6" and he was really holding his own during the camp at offensive line. Speaking to him afterwards, he said he's only played one year of football, so he's just starting to tap his vast potential. He's a 2018 prospect to keep an eye on.


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