DawgmanTV: Jontay Porter a master recruiter

It wasn't the best day for Jontay Porter, as his MoKan Elite team lost 88-72 to Team CP3 in the championship game of the Las Vegas Classic Friday, but he was still all smiles as he spoke with Dawgman.com about committing to the Washington Huskies, moving to Seattle with his family, the thought of playing at Nathan Hale with his brothers, and how he's going to continue to recruit for the Hoop Dawgs.


Here's a sampling of Porter's comments.

How tall are you right now? - "6-10. Hopefully I keep going too."

Tell me about enrolling at Nathan Hale - "It all started with my Dad accepting a job with Lorenzo and now we've moved on with the process. We've all figured out what school we're going to go to. We're real excited. Me, Michael and Coban all get to play with each other for a year."

How hard is it to move away from home? - "It's real bittersweet because you're leaving all the people you knew before, but the future's bright. We're happy to be there, so hopefully good things come."

Were you the main recruiter for Michael (committing to UW) - "Yeah. Most definitely. I was always in his ear about it. I didn't want to annoy him or pester him every day but I just let him know, that's the best place for him to develop to be the No. 1 pick in the NBA draft in a couple years. So hopefully it all works out. I'm glad he committed."

When does the family move to Seattle? - "In a couple weeks. August 13th."

What has Coach Romar been telling you to work on? - "Mostly my demeanor on the court, just always encouraging myself and not getting down if I miss a shot. They are really encouraging. I love it."

Your thoughts on what's been going on with UW recruiting - "It's crazy. They have a good thing going there. All the people want to play there, no matter where they're from. Across the country, like Markelle (Fultz). They have a great thing going there. Hopefully a national championship coming soon."

Who you going after next? - "Kris Wilkes. We gotta get him on there."

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