DawgmanTV: Daejon Davis reveals all

Dawgman.com's Kim Grinolds spoke Friday with Daejon Davis, a 6-foot-4 guard from Seattle's Garfield High School, a one-time verbal commit to Washington. Davis just got done playing for Seattle Rotary in Las Vegas, the same team where his AAU and high school teammate - Jaylen Nowell - recently committed to UW.


On Jaylen Nowell’s play - “Once he gets going, he’s on, so I’m pretty confident in his shooting ability and his ability to score and his overall energy on the floor is amazing every game.”

Which is the biggest game this year for Garfield? Beach or Hale? - “Rainier Beach still. It’s just the tradition. It’s a rivalry, and everyone knows it. Nathan Hale is a new team. They are going to have to go through both of us. It’s not going to be as easy as anyone thinks it is and I’m confident in my squad and I’m confident in Rainier Beach that we’ll both compete with them.”

What has recruiting been like once you reopened your recruitment? - “I was prepared for it when I made the decision to do it. I knew what I was doing. I knew that I would have to do the process all over again and be recruited. I’m pretty relaxed right now and I know where I want to take my visits to so far. I’m just embracing the experience and not letting it fluster me in any way, and being calm and relaxed.”

What’s the best part about it so far? - “I haven’t taken any visits, so I would say building relationships. I love meeting new people, talking to new people, hearing from these coaches. It’s a great experience and it’s just another relationship being formed through basketball.”

And the worst part? - “There are no bad parts about being recruited. Either way, your school is going to be paid for, so that in itself is a blessing. So there’s no down parts about being recruited.”

Break down the reasons for the de-commitment - “Washington is still really high on my list. My de-commitment basically came from me not being on another college campus and me not being sure about everything and not wanting to miss out on an opportunity that’s a once-in-a-lifetime. So I wanted to take another look at other schools, get on another college campus and see what other schools are like, see other facilities and evaluate that and then make the right decision for myself and my family.”

What schools do you want to visit? - “So far Arizona, Oregon, Stanford, and probably after all of those I’ll probably visit Washington again.”

On Jaylen Nowell’s commitment to UW - “It was surprising in a sense. Woke up one morning and saw on Twitter that he had committed. Called him to congratulate him and everything. I feel they got a great player in Jaylen Nowell. He’s always consistent and his talent can be easily translated to the next level. He’s an elite scorer, can defend, and always has high energy on the floor.”

You said you want to take a visit to UW. Does it go through your mind the players they already have committed for 2017? - “It has, but at the end of the day where I want to go is where I’m going to go. In no way, shape, or form is other people going there going to impact my decision on going there. If they still want me and I like it, then I’m going to go there. Otherwise, other recruits…it doesn’t faze me.”

Who is helping you through the process? - “My mom. She’s been a huge support for me just getting all the logistics down on possible visit dates, talking to coaches, asking questions about the academics. I’m focused on the basketball half and she’s always there to help me with the academics. Even when I took my visit to Washington, we met with the academic director and she was asking all these questions. She’s always there for me and always there to help me.”

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