DawgmanTV: Local 2018 big offered by the Washington Huskies

The Seattle Hoops scene is teeming with talent, and one of the latest to emerge with a Washington scholarship offer is Nic Lynch, a 6-foot-9, 255-pound big who plays for Seattle Prep. Dawgman.com's Kim Grinolds caught up with Lynch after his Friends of Hoop team played against Seattle Rotary Saturday morning in Las Vegas.


You had to come all the way to Vegas to play a Seattle team (Rotary)? - “Yeah. Last night we knew we had to finish second to play them, getting in the top bracket as well. It was really exciting. We’ve been waiting for them all year and haven’t really gotten a shot at them yet in the local tournaments because they’ve been in the EYBL. We were really excited for that game, we knew it was going to be a good one. It was going to be fun.”

You know a lot of those guys - “Yeah. Most of those guys are Garfield, Beach…I play them in Metro twice a year. I know them pretty well just by playing against them.”

Great atmosphere today - “Yeah, it’s fun, but at the same time you can’t pay attention to it, you can’t let it change the way you play. You can change your mindset. You have the same mindset every single game no matter who is there.”

How hard is it to contain some of their guys, like Kevin Porter and Daejon Davis? - “Porter…both of those guys are so shifty, if I get switched on one of them - which happened a couple times - we were playing zone even and I got Porter in the high post, it’s really tough. Those guys are so quick.”

But you guys have Corey Kispert - “Yeah, he’s a great player to be with.”

How fun is it being down here? - “It’s really fun. You’re down here for the tournament, but you’ve got to have fun. You’re in front of everyone in the whole country. There’s 300 teams down here. It’s definitely really fun. We’ve got to bring it all, but at the same time you’ve got to have fun.”

Guys complaining about the heat when they get outside? - “It’s crazy. Seattle, it was 65 when we left and it’s almost twice as hot here. It’s taking me a while to get used to it but we’re leaving tomorrow so it’s alright.”

What’s your height and weight right now? - “6-9, 255 pounds.”

What are you working on to get better at? - “My jumping ability and my rebounding outside my area. I’m a pretty good rebounder when it comes to me but I’ve got to work on boxing out and really going toward the ball.”

What are the college coaches telling you about your game? - “Just my size. I’ve had multiple coaches tell me that my body is something they really like. Not a lot of guys my age are already as developed as I am and they really like that about me. And the way I play inside, the way I finish around the rim and defend.”

Are you in the weight room a lot? - “When we start lifting in September we go three times a week. We usually carry that into the season. We go a little lighter in the season. Fall through spring we lift three times a week. It’s pretty intense. We have a weight coach, he’s been in the NFL, coached with the (Oakland) Raiders for a while when they won the Super Bowl, so it’s definitely good working with him. It’s helped me a lot.”

What schools are looking at you right now in recruiting? - “The one offer I have right now is from U-Dub. And then I’ve heard from Hawaii, Boise State, Oregon State, Wazzu, San Francisco, Portland, and that’s about it.”

When did the UW offer happen? - “End of April, April 29th. I was really excited. It’s my hometown school. I live five minutes away from Hec Ed. I have season tickets, I go all the time. I grew up watching them. It was really exciting.”

How did the offer come about? - “I actually heard about it through my AAU coach, Jeremy Eggers. He called my Dad one morning and said that Romar wanted to meet with me at Hec Ed one day after school. It was Friday. So I showed up after school with my parents, met Romar there. He took us around campus and the stadium a little bit. Then we went up to his office and he told me there. He said we want to offer you a scholarship.”

Did he catch you off-guard? - “A little bit. Once I heard he wanted to meet with me I was thinking about it a little bit. I didn’t really know what to expect, though. I’d never been in that situation, so…”

Do you see yourself fitting in with UW’s style? - “I still have to do a lot of my research. I’m keeping my options pretty open right now. It’s still early, I’m only going to be a junior. And that’s what my Dad and I were talking about this year when I narrow stuff down and start getting more attention for what schools fit me better, and watching more games and maybe taking visits.”

How crazy is the basketball talent in Seattle right now? - “I love it. It’s insane. Some people don’t know about it and then they come down here. It’s great for all the talent really to come down here because people rarely see what Seattle’s like, especially my class, 2018 - it’s insane some of the talent we have. It’s great to see and it makes everything in the whole city better and it makes college basketball better, because those guys are going to be playing in college.”

Have you played with Prep alum Spencer Hawes at all? - “No. I’ve been playing pickup at U-Dub a little bit with the guys but I’ve never played with Spencer. He came back to Prep a couple weeks ago when I was working the kids camp there and he came to talk to the guys so I got to meet him there. He was pretty cool. I watch him a lot because he’s in the NBA and he’s from Seattle, U-Dub guy, Prep guy.”

What’s your GPA? - “I have a 3.4 GPA right now.”

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