DawgmanTV: Kevin Porter talks recruiting

Dawgman.com's Aaron Beach was in Las Vegas this weekend, and he caught up with 2018 shooting guard Kevin Porter from Rainier Beach. Porter and his Seattle Rotary teammates had just beaten another Seattle AAU powerhouse - Friends of Hoop.


How emotional is it your run with Rotary with players like Jaylen Nowell and Daejon Davis is coming to an end? - “Throughout this whole AAU season we’ve been having fun and bonding. This being the last trip is sad because I won’t be able to play with them because they’ll be going to college and I’m only going to be a junior so I’m just trying to make it as fun as I can.”

How much fun is it to be part of the Seattle Hoops scene right now? - “It’s fun because everything’s changed. The atmosphere when we play Garfield, now Nathan Hale is coming up - Michael Porter, Jontay (Porter) - it’s going to be nice.”

Talk about recruiting - “A lot of west coast, I’m from the west coast so a lot of west coast schools are looking at me. I’m weighing out my options still. I’m not going to commit until probably senior year. I’m just enjoying the process.”

Who is standing out for you these days? - “U-Dub still. Arizona. Cal has been coming to watch me. Oregon.”

You’ve said U-Dub has always stood out to you since growing up. Anyone else stand out when you were young? - “Besides Kentucky and Kansas, I don’t know what it’s about but Arizona…I love Arizona.”

What are coaches telling you about where you’ll play at the next level? - “They say I have a good chance of making it but I’ve got to keep my motor going every game, don’t play down to my competition and stay having fun.”

What are you working on? - “Trying to be a threat on both ends. People say I was only an offensive threat, but now they can see a difference. I’m a defensive threat now. So once I’ve got both of them and my motor going, everything is going to be good.”

Any games circled on your high school calendar? - “Garfield, our rivals. And Nathan Hale.”

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