Fall Camp Day One - Bob Gregory in-depth

Washington Linebackers Coach Bob Gregory spoke Monday afternoon to the press after the Huskies' first day of fall camp, held Monday at the east field next to Husky Stadium.

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Focal point for the summer - “In terms of linebackers? Continue to grow as a group. We lost two very good outside linebackers in Feeney and Littleton and replacing those outside guys, and guys like Keishawn, Azeem and DJ Beavers, Ben Burr-Kirven taking another step.”

What is that step? - “It’s every part of their game. I always hate to say it’s one part. They’ve got to become better pass defenders, better run defenders, have to become better pass rushers when it’s our time to rush - just improve in every aspect of their game.”

What’s the biggest key for the OLB’s to produce like Littleton and Feeney? - “That’s it, can they replicate that kind of production? Those two dudes were big-time, both in the NFL right now. Those guys have to step up, take another step to create sacks and turnovers in the backfield.”

What’s the challenge to keep the mindset that worked so well last year? - “They have to keep an edge. They just have to keep an edge. They can’t listen to all the press clippings and that stuff and they’ve just got to play football and improve every day. If they do that we’ve got a chance.”

What have you heard so far about the true frosh like Eifler and Wellington? - “Again not being around them a ton…everything I’ve seen and everything I’ve heard from the strength staff, the freshman class has done a nice job transitioning. That’s not easy. They are away from home for the first time, all of that. But those guys did a nice job in LEAP, they are here for four weeks out of the summer. I think those kids are ready to go.”

Will they have to make their mark on special teams first? - “I don’t know. This is my 30th year doing this and I stopped guessing who was actually going to play as a true freshman, who wasn’t - because I was always wrong. It’s not the athletic ability, it’s the guy who can make the transition mentally and emotionally. And we don’t know that yet. Whoever that is, they’ll end up helping us out. If not, they’ll probably end up redshirting.”

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