Fall Camp Day One: Lake manages the talent

Washington Secondary Coach Jimmy Lake spoke Monday afternoon to the press after the Huskies' first day of fall camp, held Monday at the east field next to Husky Stadium.

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How do you manage the depth of this group? “It’s really about making sure all of these guys get reps. I told the guys last night, this is probably the deepest I’ve ever coached in terms of how many corners, how many safeties, how many nickels. College football has changed, especially in the PAC-12, everybody plays with three or four wide receivers, so we’ve really matched all those receivers with getting more DBs in here. We play with a lot of DBs, five or six on certain downs, so we need to have depth like this. I definitely made a difficult situation for me because I have to make sure everybody gets their reps and they’re happy. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

What were the summer plans for the veterans? “There were four guys that needed to gain weight since the end of the bowl game. Those guys really took it serious and gained weight. We just had to get more weight on their bodies, number one to make sure they stayed healthy, and then two to make them a more effective player on game day. Budda (Baker) took the challenge and gained a ton weight, so did Sidney Jones, gained about 10 pounds. Buddy gained about 20-21 pounds. Also Jordan Miller and Kevin King, and they did a really good job of watching what they consumed. Emma, our nutritionist, did a really good job of really being on these guys and it’s really going to pay off this year.”
Are you starting to identify roles? “It’s a constant fluctuation. That’s game plan stuff that we’ll do to each team, but I want these guys to know all position. Budda could play any position in the whole secondary. Kevin King could play any position in the whole secondary. I make sure the corners, they have to know the nickel position as well. We’re going into year three of this thing. They understand the techniques, they understand the scheme now and so it’s really starting to come together.”
On Jordan Miller “He’s hungry. He is a competitive young man. He lead us in interceptions in the spring, and obviously day one he’s leading us now with the two he had today. He plays with a chip on his shoulder, which we all love. He's competitive. He did a great job of putting on weight in the offseason, 10-11 pounds. I would expect you’re going to hear his name here for the next few weeks. He’s going to be a play maker for us.”
On Austin Joyner “Austin (Joyner) is 100% healthy and there’s another guy who’s going to have a chip on his shoulder. He practices this afternoon with the young guys. He;s 100% healthy, he looks great and fast, just like he was when we recruited him, and I know he’s going to be excited to show what he’s got to his fellow teammates and coaches.”
On the success of his first recruiting class after joining UW “It did definitely pan out for some of those guys. Darren Gardenhire played the most snaps of anybody on the whole team last year. I call him our utility man. He can do anything for us. Big time special teams player. He obviously played really good corner back for us last year. Obviously Budda and Sidney Jones played a ton of reps around here. It definitely panned out for those guys. We’ll see how we go from here. We have to make sure nobody gets complacent. That’s my job as coach of these guys and I don’t think you’ll see that. We just have to keep working. Anything we did last year won’t help us this year. We have to make sure we’re keeping that ship on our shoulder and we’re trying to prove it to everybody that we can be the best defense again.”

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