Fall Camp Day One: Malloe talks up the bigs

Washington Defensive Line Coach Ikaika Malloe spoke Monday afternoon to the press after the Huskies' first day of fall camp, held Monday at the east field next to Husky Stadium.

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On the first day of fall camp “I thought today was great. They came out with some focus. The depth is a good thing that we have, but we still have to get better. Better in technique, better in scheme, trying to learn more than one position so we can rotate throughout the depth. We’ll continue to do that and get better everyday.”

On the benefit of depth “It’s kind of two fold. One, yes, to have the depth and be able to rotate people and keep as fresh as you can and have somebody go full speed and then tap out and the next person will go, that’s the great thing about it. But also because of how much they can grasp in terms of our package, we’ll be able to start the person at nose and move them to end and move them out to tackle. It makes it even better in terms of how much we can move and mix and match.”
On Vita Vea “Great. We have so many components to our front and it helps because of our backers and our defensive backs and what they allow us to do. With (Vita Vea) just moving forward and getting better in technique, I think you’ll see great things from him. But it all has to start from day one. We’re happy and pleased with what he’s done today. But we still have much more to gain throughout camp.”
Is your technique different than what coach Choate was teaching or just a continuation? “It’s really a continuation. There might be some tweaks in it. Really the language is what we kind of went through in spring, my language trying to get to there language and me learning it as opposed to there learning mine. But it was really done all the same . We just continue what was being done already - not to say the package is broken, because it’s not - but to keep moving forward and adding on some stuff and tweak. Hopefully we can get better in our techniques, using our hands, using our feet, and knowing our eyes.”
On developing relationships with players “That was a huge deal and it’s actually really a part of coach Petersen’s built for life. So my job was to try to establish a relationship with all of them and let them know how much I care for them individually off the field and eventually it will carry on on the field. So the offseason was really huge for us in terms of building relationships. Now we’re back in season. We’re back to fundamentals and learning techniques.”

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