Fall Camp Day One: Budda packs on the pounds

Washington Defensive Back Budda Baker spoke Monday afternoon to the press after the Huskies' first day of fall camp, held Monday at the east field next to Husky Stadium.

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On the first day “Practice went pretty good. There’s still a lot of things we’ll go over during film, but I feel like it was a good day one.”

How did you get up to 192 pounds? “Just eating a lot, really taking care of my diet helps a lot with that. Had a great summer weight with the team. It was good. I was able to add 18 pounds.”
On weight numbers “We do heavy, like two reps of 295, maybe heavy cleans like three reps of 260 and stuff like that.”
How do you stay humble with all the hype? “Thinking about last year, 7-6. Six games, six losses is a lot. This year we’re just taking it step by step.”
How deep is this secondary? “I feel like we’re one of the deepest in the country. I feel like we have players, great ones, great twos, great threes, our whole DB squad. That goes along with coach Lake coaching us, and also that’s coming together with all our brothers.”
How do you feel going into the season as a veteran? “I feel great. I feel healthy. Last year I had a little ankle injury and didn’t play that much. This year I feel healthy and the team feels healthy and we’re just taking it step by step.”
How do you manage your own expectations as a player who’s name has been tossed around as considering the draft while still being a student? “I don’t think about that type of stuff. That stuff is long gone from now. Right now, I’m taking it day by day. I just got done with my first junior fall camp practice and getting ready to go get in this weight room.”
Did the coaches give you a target weight after last season? “They don’t give you a target weight, but they want you to gain weight. So they say ‘I want you to gain weight.’ They don’t say how much weight, they just say gain weight.”
What was the hardest part of putting weight on? “I don’t think it was that hard. Just working hard, working hard in the weight room, eating, getting my meals in, getting my snacks in. Like I said, my nutritionist helped a lot getting us snack packs for classes. That helped a lot. I feel faster, bigger, and stronger.”
On the competition for playing time in the secondary “It’s definitely competition, but we’re all brothers. We’re just trying to go as best as we can. Each person is trying to be as best they can each day and see how that goes.” 

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