Fall Camp Day One: Bierria is pushing buttons

Washington Linebacker Keishawn Bierria spoke Monday afternoon to the press after the Huskies' first day of fall camp, held Monday at the east field next to Husky Stadium.

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On day one of fall camp “It felt great, you know, I’ve been out there with those guys, high energy. It was one of the best days out there. First day, best day. We’re going to improve from there."

On the defense picking things up were they left off after spring “Yeah. That’s been going on through training all offseason. We’ve been on the offense telling them we’re coming for them and we did exactly what we were going to say.”
Is the offense getting frustrated out there? “I don’t think they’re getting frustrated. They have their installs, we have ours, and we know what they’re going to do and pick up on it pretty fast. We have a lot more freedom than they do, coming from a defensive standpoint. They’re just trying to open it up and make some plays.”
How do you keep the chip on your shoulder with all the hype? “We’re going to continue doing what they taught us, and that’s to work hard and just out work the guy next to you and out work yourself. They always talk about this and other teams, like Utah’s defense out there or another guy’s defense, but right now all I know is our guys. All I know is how hard I’m working. I’ve got to out work myself everyday. That’s something I’ll continue to do.”
On keeping the right perspective with all the hype around the team “I always catch myself walking to my apartment with somebody that knows me yelling out ‘you guys are ranked this and that.’ I’m just like ‘I don’t even know that because I’m not paying attention to it.’ Probably some of the younger guys are, but as far as my team, we don’t care about nothing like that. The only thing I know is what’ tomorrow, what I got right now, and just doing my best right now and hopefully all my guys are doing the same thing because we preach that to them. Just work hard now and don’t worry about later. Give everything you’ve got right now.”
Where are you trying to get better as a football player? “Just overall growing in intelligence and leadership and just being a guy that’s going to be out there making plays with my teammates. I have to do my part playing in the middle of the defense. Other guys have to do their part playing on the outside. Whatever position they’re at everybody has to produce and do the best they can at their job.”

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