UW Fall Camp - Day 1 (Rookies)

The second-half of Washington's first day of fall camp focused on the youngsters and we thought it would be a good chance for us to give the fans our first impressions upon seeing some of the highly touted players that have entered the program over the past 12 months...

WR K.J. Young - Young definitely looks the part of a fourth-year wideout. Husky WR coach Bush Hamdan worked with Young early on, making sure he knew his assignment on each play call and showing him how he wanted things run. Young showed soft hands and great awareness.

RB Sean McGrew - First impression? Small. However, you can see why schools loved him on the recruiting trail. He showed unbelievable quickness and change-of-direction during the two-hour session and also his explosiveness and the ability to accelerate.

RB Kamari Pleasant - Looked light on his feet and he has a great frame that can easily add another 10 to 15 pounds without losing speed and agility.

WR Jordan Chin - Chin has a slight frame, but we knew that already. He did have one really nice play where he got deep in some 11v11 work. The kid definitely has the jets.

WR Aaron Fuller - Not super-fast, but Fuller has great quickness and sure hands. He looks like a kid who could wind up playing this fall.

OL Luke Wattenberg - Due to an illness, Wattenberg arrived at just 250 pounds, so he's got a lot of work ahead of him to add that weight back. He does have good feet though and the coaches had him working at left tackle when he was on the field.

DL Levi Onwuzurike - The freshman from Texas is big and very athletic. He is a quick-twitch athlete with good explosiveness.

LB Camilo Eifler - Eifler has a great frame. If he can get the defense down, he sure looks like he has the ability to play right away.

Taylor Rapp - Rapp is a specimen. He showed up in great shape back in the spring and he looks even more ripped now. 

CB Byron Murphy - Murphy has a long frame and he showed great change-of-direction in drills. The coaches were stressing "eyes Byron", making sure he understood where he should be looking when he gets out of his break.

CB Myles Bryant - If he were a couple of inches taller, Bryant would easily have had a lot of offers. What is other programs' loss is Washington's gain. Bryant might not be that tall, but he's got a stout frame and an understanding of how to defend the pass.

QB Blake Gregory - Sure, he's a walk-on, but Gregory throws a nice ball and he showed a strong arm on a couple of passes.

QB Daniel Bridge-Gadd - Bridge-Gadd had a much better grasp of the offense than he did during the spring. He made several strong throws and good decisions in 7v7 work. 

Ezekiel Turner - Another physical specimen, Turner is more than happy to show of his six-pack. He looks much more sure of himself so far and could be in line for a lot more playing time this fall.

CB Isaiah Gilchrist - Gilchrist is thick. He was playing corner today, but he sure looks like he could be headed to safety once it's all said and done.

CB Kentrell Love - The first thing you notice about Love on the field is his ability to cover guys. He blanketed several receivers he faced. His only issue is his lack of strength. He needs to get bigger, but you can see the natural abilities he's been blessed with.

LB Brandon Wellington - Wellington isn't very tall, but you can see the football instincts that ooze from him when he was in there for 11v11 work. 

OL Nick Harris - Like Wattneberg, Harris needs to be locked away in the weight room for a couple of years before he sees the field. He was taking reps at center today and he looks the part of a big-time center down the road.

DL Benning Potoa'e - Potoa'e is a freak athletically. They had him working at the BUCK linebacker spot, but at 270 pounds, he sure looks like a future defensive linemen. 

DL Myles Rice - They just grow them different down in Texas. That was the sentiment among the media assembled. Rice is big and strong and with the spring under his belt, he was running around confidently to each drill and showing the younger guys what to do.

DL Ryan Bowman - Bowman is on the short side, but he has violent hands and he ran around well when given the chance.


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