Practice news and notes - 8/18 AM

The Washington football team is back on familiar ground, but now have to struggle with a new enemy - a mental wall that usually erects itself half-way through fall practices and one the team has to tear down in order to come out renewed and energized. They continue to work with a purpose toward their August 30th clash against Ohio State in Columbus, but the nicks and dings are starting to show themselves, little by little.

It's apparent that Husky head coach Keith Gilbertson wanted to drag the frenetic pace set at TESC back a notch, as the team came out in lightbulbs. But the coaches still were in good voice and made it clear they would not stand any player walking on field. Even the practice-ending gassers weren't immune to a few false starts and do-overs, certainly to the chagrin of the team.

Dan Dicks was wearing red this morning, so Todd Bachert took some snaps backing up Brad Vanneman at center. Ben Bandel was also donning crimson. Scott White came up gimpy half-way through the AM session and dialed it down the rest of the way. Tahj Bomar worked with the twos in his place.

Joe Toledo also shut it down near the end of practice. Neither injury appeared serious, but the coaches are definitely not taking any chances with hammys or groin issues.

On a positive note, Justin Robbins suited up with the receivers, but didn't go 100 percent. However, seeing number 80 back in his gear was a beautiful sight to see. True frosh Charles Smith was back, and practicing at full-go with WR coach Bobby Kennedy.

Also, both Chris Massey and Sam Cunningham were back in purple, bolstering a cornerback corps that has been the hardest hit with the various tweaks and dings that normally accompany fall camp.

Quintin Daniels, the true frosh from Los Angeles, worked a lot with the ones today and could very well be the third receiver when the offense takes the field August 30th. He got a 'HELLO!' love tap from Joe Lobendahn during the final 11-11 drills and went crashing to the field turf, but came back with a gorgeous grab over the middle beating Marquis Cooper. He's arguably the fastest receiver on the team and can stretch things vertically.

Bobby Whithorne also got his share of reps on the inside, while Sonny Shackelford and Corey Williams played well on the outside.

The corners were getting kudos from their coach, Phil Snow for their work this morning. Derrick Johnson had a nice pick off of Cody Pickett, who was trying to go deep to Reggie Williams. Snow's directives seem to have finally found a home with the CB's, and they have responded with some shut-downs.

The defense has made a point of keeping their hands nice and high near the line of scrimmage, as many balls were batted down before they go ever get to their intended targets.

And whatever questions about Evan Benjamin and his level of fitness have been answered. He made a very nice interception off a ball intended for Whithorne. He jumped inside the route and took the ball in stride.

With Bandel out and Toledo gimpy, Jon Lyon took his reps with the ones and showed the nice hands that earned him a ride with the Dawgs.

More scouts: Scouts from Indianapolis, Miami and the New York Giants were seen at practice this morning.

Leading by example: During the practice-ending gassers, Cody Pickett was making a point of trying to reach the linemen to the far end line, even though they had a good 5-7 second lead. Hot on his heels? Carl Bonnell.

Bob Sapp they ain't: Nick Newton and Jerome Stevens mixed it up a little bit today, but it looked more like greco-roman wrestling, with Newton making a futile attempt to throw some shots at a padded Stevens. Top Stories