UW Fall Camp - Day 2 (Veterans)

Day two of Washington's fall camp was more of the same as the coaches ran the veterans through drills and several 7v7 and 11v11 sessions...

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Don't Call It A Comeback

While the defense definitely was crisper on day one, the offense seemed to rebound nicely with several nice plays and a couple of long connections.

Tailback Lavon Coleman took a handoff over the right side, where right tackle Andrew Kirkland and right guard Shane Brostek opened up a hole and he streaked the distance for the score.

Jake Browning found wideout Dante Pettis for a long gainer vs. Sidney Jones.

Both of those plays came in 11v11 work.

The offensive line looked much more sound than they were yesterday. To be sure, there were a couple of breakdowns here and there, but the unit as a whole was much more stout than they were on the first day of practice.

Catch The Wave

Bush Hamdan has really been showing up early as his work with the receivers appears to be paying off.

Connor Griffin has looked really good so far, using his big body and soft hands to make catches in the short to intermediate passing game.

However, Hamdan also stressed as Griffin took in a relatively long pass to focus on ball security.

The receivers work a lot on spotting the ball when they come out of their breaks. Hamdan has made getting their eyes where they need to be a big focus.

The Husky offense looks totally different with John Ross III stretching the field. The offense has targeted him on several long throws and he's been able to make most of the grabs.

Pressure Cooker

While the offense was much sharper on day two, that doesn't mean the defense didn't have their moments.

Jones broke on a short pass from Browning to Nik Little and came away with a diving interception.

Browning also was picked when he tried to go long to Ross and safety Brandon Beaver, who was playing over the top, came over and got an easy interception. It is worth noting that cornerback Jordan Miller likely would have been flagged for pass interference on the play as he had ahold of Ross' jersey as he tried to break free.

The defensive line also made their presence felt.

Elijah Qualls got free for a sack on Browning while Psalm Wooching and Shane Bowman also got sacks on Tony Rodriguez.

The Seating Chart

The coaches have stressed every year that there isn't a depth chart, preferring to call it a seating chart, especially this early in fall camp.

Kirkland continues to hold down the right tackle spot, but offensive line coach Chris Strausser said afterwards that they have continued how things finished up in the spring where Kaleb McGary was still nursing an injury and Kirkland moved in and "played well".

Strausser also said that Matt James is a guy they like and think can play center and that is why he has moved there.

James is currently the primary backup behind Coleman Shelton who made the move to center this spring.

The secondary also is interesting to watch as the coaches try to figure out who has a seat at the table and who is still waiting for their spot.

Jones handled one of the starting spots at corner while Kevin King and Miller worked on the other side.

Brandon Beaver, currently a backup at safety, worked in as the nickel corner several times as well.

Visitors In The House

2017 Peninsula (Gig Harbor, Wa.) OL Cody Kanouse was at practice and spent a lot of time watching the offensive line with his father.

Hugh Millen and Dick Baird were also both in the house while former Cleveland Browns GM and current Senior Bowl scout Phil Savage also was there taking a look at Joe MathisJake Eldrenkamp and Kevin King.

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