Fall Camp Day Two: Bhonapha talks Gaskin

Washington Running Backs Coach Keith Bhonapha spoke Tuesday afternoon to the press after the Huskies' second day of fall camp, held Monday at the east field next to Husky Stadium.

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What’s the main goal coming out of fall camp? - “For us we’ve got to focus on three things at the running back position. Obviously we’ve got to make sure we take care of the football, and I think the pass protection is always going to be one of those things you have to emphasize with running backs, especially when you’ve got some younger guys that are contributing out there like Myles, Jomon when he gets his opportunities. Lavon has always been solid, but constantly thinking about that pass protection aspect. And we have to do a great job of making things happen in the second level after contact.”

How do you get all your work done and still keep the guys fresh? - “You just have to encourage those guys to come out and practice hard. Obviously we know injuries are part of the game, and definitely at this position soreness - achy - that’s going to be part of playing this position. But the best thing we can try and get these guys to come out and do is practice hard, use great technique, make sure we do our best to hold them back from certain reps so we’re not just beating them into the ground. And helping these guys understand that the ice baths and things like that are going to help them take care of their bodies so they can get ready for tomorrow.”

Anything about Myles still surprise you? - “Not really. He’s like the rest of the group. He’s a young guy that wants to play, that’s coachable, that wants to continue to get better. And in our room, that’s the best part about coaching my group: everybody’s working, trying to get better. Fun guy to coach, just like the rest of the guys.

What makes his vision so good? - “I just think he’s so agile and he’s so good with his change of direction and he does a great job of being patient with his feet, or having quiet feet, where he does a unique job of using leverage to get to the second level.”

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