Fall Camp Day Two - Paopao and the body types

Washington Tight Ends Coach Jordan Paopao spoke Tuesday afternoon to the press after the Huskies' second day of fall camp, held Monday at the east field next to Husky Stadium.

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On the TE seating chart: “I think one of the things right now is, in terms of the pecking order, what’s nice about the room is they have so much playing experience. I think that’s rare for a lot of position rooms. Every single one of those guys has played in a game and started a game. As far as reps, really just trying to make sure we get everybody an equal amount of reps just to be able to create some competition and see what people are doing really, really well and what they need to work on and then ultimately trying to highlight their strengths.”


On Drew Sample’s role: “With Drew, he’s extremely savvy as a football player. He’s very smart. He gets information and retains information really, really well. I think one of the biggest things with him is weight gain and mass right now. The kid finished up the offseason around 265 pounds, so I think he gives us that unique blend of a run-blocking tight end, but whose also still fluid enough to be able to run and stretch the field as well.”


On Darrell Daniels: “Same thing like Drew. You have to be able to do both. I think Darrell’s skillset really lends toward making sure that he spreads the field and runs down the field and get the ball in his hand for sure, but what’s nice about him is he weighs 240 pounds, he’s going to be able to do some end-of-the-line stuff and work as a flexed out guy, but also as a run-blocker.”


On Mike Neal: “I think Mike Neal’s biggest deal has been the mental aspect of the playbook. I really think he’s done an outstanding job, just from an assignment standpoint, I think that’s been the biggest thing. That’s why he’s been able to play really, really fast now is he knows what’s going on.”

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