Fall Camp Day Two - Hamdan looking for edge

Washington Receivers Coach Bush Hamdan spoke Tuesday afternoon to the press after the Huskies' second day of fall camp, held Monday at the east field next to Husky Stadium.

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On his experienced wideouts (Ross, Lenius, Pettis): “Those guys have had a really good summer. I’m excited about getting back together with them. One step at a time, that’s the biggest thing, we preached that in the spring. We have to build these guys, we have a long season to go, but we’re excited about where they’re headed.”


On his focus: “I think my focus since we’ve gotten here is to have that edge and play with that edge, a sense of physicality obviously and I think just another year in the system and more knowledge of what we’re trying to get done and that will create some improvement.”


On what that “edge” looks like: “I tell those guys every day that we’re all replaceable, including me, because there’s a thousand guys who’d love to coach these guys and a thousand guys that would love to play wide receiver for the University of Washington, so at the end of the day I’d love them to come to practice every single day understanding that with the purpose of proving somebody wrong.”

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