Fall Camp Day Two - Browning talks year two

Washington sophomore quarterback Jake Browning spoke Tuesday afternoon to the press after the Huskies' second day of fall camp, held Monday at the east field next to Husky Stadium.

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On the difference from last year to this year so far: “Definitely know what to expect a little bit more. Last year, we had practice every day, but I didn’t know the physical part. Take care of my legs more, taking the ice tub and hydration more seriously and then it’s a year’s worth of reps, a year and a half now, I feel more comfortable and what I need to work on. Before, it was a wide range of things and now I’m able to narrow in a little bit more.”
On opening the playbook up more: “If you give me the playbook, I’m going to know the playbook. I don’t feel comfortable going anywhere and not knowing what’s going on. Just staying with your technique and your fundamentals they can go away the more you play college football and that’s just something I’m trying to focus in more.”
On his thoughts from his first season: “I feel like I put as much as I could into it. I never went into a game feeling like I wasn’t as prepared as I could be, but I think I’m kinda glad the whole true freshman thing is over. I don’t have to hear ‘true freshman this, true freshman that’ now it’s just like ‘okay, just go win’.”
On the jump the offense took from Boise State to the bowl game: “We moved some people around along the line, Myles (Gaskin) came alive and found out he was the guy. We knew that going in, but he kinda came alive. Obviously that helps me a lot, that’s the best thing that ever happened to me was him coming alive and I think everyone found their niche a little more. I had never been on a college sideline before (during the BSU game) and we had a lot of young guys so I thought we grew the way we were supposed to and worked hard every week.”
On being bigger and stronger: “I don’t even know what I came in as, it feels like five years ago, I was probably like 195 and not in great shape. That was probably not a great 195. I’m 209 now and I feel like I’m faster and in better shape. Going through a year and a half of workouts, you have no choice but to be in better shape.”
On his arm strength: “I think it has helped with better arm strength, but I think as far as fundamentals, just like my technique on my deep ball, it kinda got away from me. I had always had a good deep ball all my life and I feel like last year it got away from me a little bit because I was hopping around a little too much. I have to keep my feet on the ground and keep my feet alive and stay low and not come up and then sink down. Little things like that have helped more than strength, but it definitely helps.”
On him running: “I’m not going to run between the tackles or anything like that. I think it’s always been something where I scramble and make stuff happen when a play shuts down. I’d never been at a practice where they expected me to scramble if the play broke down. It was always the play would break down, someone got yelled at and we moved on in high school, that’s just how it was, so if I felt like I’d gotten sacked I’d just sorta stop, but it’s not like that now.”

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