Fall Camp Day Two - Myles is all smiles

Washington sophomore running back Myles Gaskin spoke Tuesday afternoon to the press after the Huskies' second day of fall camp, held Monday at the east field next to Husky Stadium.

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On practice - “You know how it is. We don’t have pads on yet so we’re just trying to work on technique, good stuff like that. I wouldn’t say taking it easy, don’t know anyone taking it easy on me. We’ve just really been working on footwork and just trying to make everything solid so when we do put on pads we know what we’re doing and can do it at full speed.”

On pass blocking - “I’ve been working it. I know that was the biggest thing. KB (Keith Bhonapha), we talked about it after the season, talked about how I need to take my next step, talking about running the ball, getting yards after contact, being a good pass pro guy, not having to come out on third and fourth down…really be able to get into some dude’s chest and punch him right in his chest. Something I’m working on, trying to get better at, but I ain’t there yet. Working every day.”

Being listed as a Heisman candidate - “That’s cool and everything but that don’t faze me. I ain’t worried about that to be honest, I ain’t worried about any accolade or nothing like that. We’re trying to win games and trying to get ready every day. Today we’re just working on Wednesday. Right now just working on being better athletes and become a team. So I ain’t worried about no Heisman right now.”

How different are you from a year ago? - “I ain’t nervous. Just trying to help out the new guys like Kamari Pleasant and Sean McGrew. I can see it in their eyes where I was last year, kind of being able to read them like - you need to do this, and this can help you…just helping out those guys because I know what position they was in.”

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