UW Fall Camp - Day 3

It was a day of firsts on the third day of Washington's fall camp. First practice in pads, first full-squad practice and the first open practice for fans. Here's a rundown of what we saw and who stood out during the two-hour workout...

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First Day In Pads

It's always fun when the players get in pads the first time.

The intensity gets amped up a lot and the players definitely have a spring in their step.

The coaches got the players right into an 11v11 drill immediately after stretching was completed. 

You could feel the rush and hear the cracking of helmets and pads up in the stands.

Youngsters Put On Notice

The veteran players didn't hold back, introducing some of the young players to what it was like now that the pads have come on.

Matt James came off the ball and gave a good lick to Camilo Eifler.

Not to be outdone, Darren Gardenhire got right in the grill of both Aaron Fuller and Jordan Chin during 1v1 and 7v7 work, hassling them at the line of scrimmage and not allowing them a release.

Defensive backs coach Jimmy Lake threw one of his prized recruits from the 2016 class, cornerback Byron Murphy, right into the fire when he lined the freshman up against John Ross III in single coverage. 

Great Competition

The Huskies worked a lot on the run game today, using a drill called 9v11 where nine offensive players are expected to open a hole for a tailback vs. 11 defensive players.

It was one of the more intriguing drills of the practice as the offensive and defensive lines really got after each other.

Shane Brostek pancaked Greg Gaines on one snap.

Gaines and Elijah Qualls got the better of things on the next play, knocking both Brostek and Coleman Shelton backward and forcing a tackle-for-loss on Myles Gaskin.

Both Shane Brostek and Jaylen Johnson had a nice combo on a tackle-for-loss as they split three offensive linemen and got into the backfield to drop Jomon Dotson for another loss.

Team Work

There were quite a few 11v11 and 7v7 sessions today.

The defense definitely got the better of things during the full-team work.

It was interesting to watch both Murphy and Jordan Miller getting work with the first team defense. Both made plays, but it was Murphy who really stood out.

He was tasked with covering Ross on several occasions and he held up well, running with Ross stride for stride.

Miller came up and get very physical with Chin at the line of scrimmage and broke up a pass as well.

Gaines, Tevis BartlettAmandre Williams and Connor O'Brien all got "sacks" on different quarterbacks during the day and the early pressure also forced some errant throws by the quarterbacks.

Trevor Walker ended practice with a spectacular breakup of a pass from Jake Browning to Fuller down the middle.

Getting Offensive

While the defense won the day, it wasn't all bad for the offense.

K.J. Carta-Samuels found a streaking Quinten Pounds down the sidelines, dropping his pass right into the waiting arms of Pounds as Kentrell Love had outstanding coverage.

Tight end David Ajamu provided an excellent down block and opened up a gaping hole on the left side of the line, allowing Gaskin to scamper for close to 30 yards before he touched down.

Dante Pettis drove Miller down the field and then he came back and made a nice grab on the sideline for a first down as well.

Picture Day

Washington will have practices on Thursday and Friday before opening practice up again for the fans on Saturday.

The practice on Saturday will begin at 2:30 and afterwards, the fans will be welcomed on the field to take pictures with and get autographs from the players.

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