Vita Vea is a whole new person

Washington sophomore defensive lineman Vita Vea spoke Wednesday afternoon to the press after the Huskies' third day of fall camp, held inside Husky Stadium for the first time this fall.

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On the first day of pads: “It was good, the first time practicing with the young guys today and seeing them improve over the spring is pretty good.”


On his height and weight right now: “6’5” and about 300 pounds. Two or three years ago I reported at 360. Coach (Tim) Socha and his staff they’re really good over there in getting right, keeping us in shape and keeping us healthy and ready to go.”


On how he fits into the defense: “I feel pretty good. With Elijah (Qualls) and Greg (Gaines), just picking up the defense and being able to help everyone so if one of us has a question, we don’t have to go and ask coach, we can go ask one of the d-linemen and be more efficient and save time in practice.”


On the transition from Jeff Choate to Ikaika Malloe: “Actually, at first, it was hard because we didn’t know what we were getting into, but then like after a while, we got comfortable with coach Malloe and this staff and learning new techniques and continuing to sharpen our old techniques.”


On some of the younger players: “All of them, it’s a flashback for me and where I was when I first got here.”


On Ricky McCoy: “He’s come a long way since last year. He’s gotten stronger in the weight room, he’s gotten faster, he’s picking up the plays better, learning the defense and all of the fundamentals.”

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