VIDEO: Smith talks receivers, tight ends

Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith spoke Thursday afternoon to the press after the Huskies' fourth day of fall camp, held on the east field next to Husky Stadium.

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On the receiver rotation - “A bunch of guys getting reps. There’s not a true, true pecking order when you get past the first couple guys. And there’s flashes for some of these young guys. Quinten Pounds has put together back-to-back days where he makes plays. He’s made some nice one-on-ones. Aaron Fuller’s done a nice job. There’s just a bunch of guys that are showing flashes. Obviously it’s not 100 percent: we’re looking for some more consistency. We’re starting to build this playbook on ‘em for the younger guys. It can be tough. They are doing a good job.”

On getting a guy like K.J. Young late - “He’s going to be a guy…he has some talent and a guy we’re going to count on as we move forward. Everything’s moving fast for that guy right now. He wasn’t around for even the summer. Some of our true freshmen, they came for about four weeks before and got around the scheme and the guys. So we think he’s got a chance for sure. He’s working really hard. Like I said, we’ll be counting on him later in the year.”

How concerning is it when the offense isn’t getting a lot of success early in camp against the defense? - “Anytime you go out there you want to compete. There’s definitely going to be some back and forth in the game. There’s two things: there’s no question that defense is good. But our guys typically respond. We have some quality plays that we need to consistently put together. But that’s playing good defense and when we’ve got the ball on the 20 and we’re trying to go 80 yards we have to consistently move that ball. No mistakes, a bust here or there will really get you. Guys are battling. I think there’s progress. When you turn on the tape it’s never as good as you think and it’s never as bad as you think. We’ll keep working.”

It’s not as simple as saying, you didn’t put the ball in the end zone so it’s a bad day - “Right. And we put them in some tough spots. That team period that was earlier in practice was all third down. Third and nines, those are going to be tough. We’ll put them in more of the situations, we had a play period where we had some chances at the end, got ourselves in the red zone and weren’t able to finish the deal. That’s actually back-to-back days we had chances in the red zone, so we’ll work.”

Depth at tight end and helping with game planning - “There’s some guys there, the variety of talent. We feel like most of the group is pretty physical and that obviously helps in the run game, the play-action game off of it. Those guys are all battling, because we do…have four or five guys that can get in the game, get on the field and produce.”

On Drew Sample and what you can do with him - “A lot. The run game especially because he’s 260 pounds. There’s a couple other guys: David Ajamu and Will Dissly’s probably the heaviest of the group but he’s done some good things in the run game. We’re excited about them.”

How different is Jake Browning compared to a year ago? - “Quite a bit. Obviously a year experience of so much, but definitely the playbook - you can see the plays coming out of his mouth when he’s calling them…he’s comfortable. He’s a competitive kid and always working. I don’t think he’s taken it down a notch. When he got here he was chomping at the bit to learn everything, and that hasn’t gone away, that mindset. We’re happy with him.”

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