VIDEO: Hamdan knows guys are getting better

Washington Receivers Coach Bush Hamdan spoke Thursday afternoon to the press after the Huskies' fourth day of fall camp, held on the east field next to Husky Stadium.

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What did you see out of your guys today - “Right now a lot of the same stuff is showing up. I feel like we’re taking some good steps from our individual drills and one-on-ones. It needs to transfer over to those team reps. A lot of young guys getting some live bullets, so taking steps.”

How does it take a step from the individual work to the team drills? Or is it partly on the defense stepping up? - “I’m sure it’s a little bit of both. Obviously for us it’s always going to be on us. We’ve got to continue to find ways to get separation. That’s a critical thing with as much man coverage and things we see. We’ve got to find ways to get open.”

When trying to get open, how do you boil it down? - “A little bit of everything, so we’re going to find out.”

Talk about the chemistry and ability of Chico McClatcher, John Ross and Dante Pettis as a group - “I think they are each a little bit different, different skill set. I think all of them are explosive enough that if they keep developing this technique I think they be big-time playmakers for us.”

Is there something collectively you like about that grouping? - “When you look at them collectively, each of them has a different skill set that, out there at the same time and included with the tight ends we have, there’s a lot of different things we can do with them.”

Who is the most natural pass catcher of your group? - “I think Connor Griffin has always been a very natural pass catcher. I think K.J. Young is actually a natural pass catcher. We’ll see.”

Is Young 100 percent right now? - “We understand that this is a long process, a long camp, long season, and we’ve got to be very aware of - again, he was not with us in the summer, slowly getting this guy adjusted to big-time college football.”

How would you assess his conditioning coming into this camp? - “He’s probably better than I expected, but still a long ways to go. Sometimes we take for granted how great a job Tim Socha and his coaches do over the summer. A guy probably working out on his own still isn’t anywhere close to the stuff our guys have been doing over the summer.”

Andre Baccellia getting back to full fitness? - “He’s another guy we think is going to be just fine. Again, he got so many reps this spring, so many reps this summer we’re going to be really smart with this guy. We have a pretty good idea of what he can do.”

Assess Aaron Fuller and how much he’s already learned in four practices - “He’s a son of a football coach, and it shows when he plays out there. He’s got great body control, great instincts. He’s been playing the game a long time and already in a short amount of time he’s picked up a lot and he’s done a really nice job so far.”

Are you seeing improvement in route running? - “Yeah. It takes time. We’ve introduced some new things, starting in spring and they are coming along, doing a lot of things better. But it’s one day at a time, little by little, and we’re making progress.”

How hard is it to build skill, is it easier on the outside or in the slot? - “Great question. I think it’s a little bit different, and again - I try to train our guys to be outside guys, inside guys - you just never know. Ultimately, the farther you get away from the ball, dealing a little bit more with press coverage and those types of things, so definitely a little bit more expensive on the outside.”

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