VIDEO: Gaskin gives defense their props

Washington sophomore running back Myles Gaskin spoke Thursday afternoon to the press after the Huskies' fourth day of fall camp, held on the east field next to Husky Stadium.

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On the difference from last year to this year: “I feel way more comfortable being able to look to the sideline and know exactly what I need to be doing on each play and knowing who I need to pick up on blitzes and stuff like that. It’s helped out a lot to have that year under my belt.”

On how hard it is to face UW’s defense every day: “It’s tough. I ain’t going to lie. They’re dogs out there, they work hard, they run fast to the ball and they pursue to everything so I think it just helps the offense every day to be practicing against guys like that, guys that are really the best, in my eyes, that I’ve every played against and I think we grow from it each and every day.” 

On how far forward the players are looking: “Of course we know we’re playing Rutgers in the first game, but no, we’re worried about the next day, we’re worrying about the next practice, the next meeting. We’re trying to focus on the next 15 minutes. I’m focused on the next meal. We take everything step by step and day by day.”

On what Keith Bhonapha has the running backs working on: “KB told us the three main things in camp and this season are pass protection, ball security and finishing our runs, making moves in the second level and scoring. Pass protection is the first one so we all have to work on that thing. None of us are the biggest guys on the team so you have to work on your technique and your fundamentals every day. He’s really hammered us on it.”

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