VIDEO: McClatcher still working on transition

Washington sophomore receiver Chico McClatcher spoke Thursday afternoon to the press after the Huskies' fourth day of fall camp, held on the east field next to Husky Stadium.

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On what he’s working on: “Right now I’m just trying to develop myself as a pure slot receiver – reading zone coverages – that’s what I’ve been working on during the offseason and also working on my releases. Right now, it’s going pretty well for me and I just have to continue being better every day.”

On going against the top defense in the conference: “Some days it can be frustrating because they’re such a great defense and they have a lot of all-stars on the defense, but it’s going pretty well. We’re still getting into the flow on offense, we’re being very patient, so it’s going pretty well.”

On learning to play slot: “It’s been going pretty good. Obviously, coach Smith trusts me and has been moving me around the field a little bit. I’ve been watching Jaydon Mickens while he was playing. He was able to stay patient in zone. My problem last year was speeding through everything thinking it was man (coverage) so just me be patient, that’s something I wanted to work on.”

On the transition of going from high school running back to college wide receiver: “It was pretty hard because I did a lot of running back in high school. I didn’t run routes much in high school, but it’s going pretty good right now. I just need to keep working on my routes with coach Hamdan.”

On the fundamentals that will help him raise his game: “Just creating separation. It all starts with releases because without releases, you can’t go nowhere and knowing where your breakpoint is as you get into your route.”

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