Elijah Qualls gives the offense their due

Washington Defensive Lineman Elijah Qualls spoke Friday afternoon to the press after the Huskies' fifth day of fall camp, held on the east field next to Husky Stadium.

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On the big three (Qualls, Gaines and Vea) being in there all at once: “It’s a hell of a look for the running game, that’s for sure. Instead of having to move a nose (tackle) and two ends, you’re basically having to move three noses that are more athletic than some defensive ends. I definitely see it working well for our offense. They’re definitely improving. Today they did a hell of a job. Today was definitely one of those days when I didn’t have anything to hold against the offense. They executed when they need to, they ran the plays when they needed to, they made the right blocks, the receivers made clutch plays, the running backs read the holes like they were supposed to, the o-line held their blocks like they were supposed to and the quarterbacks made plays when they were supposed to. They had a great practice today, but at the same time, the defense, we need to step up. We can’t allow that stuff to happen. Even if it was a simple slip up or that they were just better than us on a particular play, we just have to get better.”


On who along the OL is making progress in his opinion: “They’re all good players individually it’s them working with each other, the double teams, the pickups, or blocking somebody off of somebody else’s block, they’re definitely stepping up in that department.”


On if he likes seeing the offensive improvement even though they are competing with them in practice: “That’s something I have been trying to see since last year’s spring ball, before last season, I wanted our offense to beat us because we need that. It gets into your head when you, day in and day out, in spring ball, you’re dominating and you kinda start to relax. We come out, we’re always dominating so this is what we expect and this is what’s going to happen, no, you can get your teeth kicked in if you sit back so today was a situation where we needed that. We needed to know that we can’t let our guards down, but at the same time I loved watching the offense be able to make those plays when they needed to. It pissed me off being on the field, but being on the sideline I was happy. Even some of the young offensive linemen, dudes were making blocks in one on ones and pass rush that not a lot of young guys can make.”

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