Keith Gilbertson quotes - 8/18 PM

Washington head coach Keith Gilbertson addressed the press Monday night and talked about the various nicks and dings the Husky football team has had to deal with. He also talked about a players that has emerged to compete for starting job.

On the team doing up-downs at the end of practice: We've got a no-loaf policy, and we've got to live up to it. Your team is going to suffer. It's a team concept. It's good for them. Nobody is hurting. They've just got to know what we think about it and they've got to know that we are going to address it all the time.

On Nick Newton: Nick hurt his foot this morning. It's a reinjury of a year ago when he had a sore foot. It's just going to take some time. It's an inflammation of a tendon at the top of his foot, and it gets real inflamed and real hot, so we thought we'd shut him down. I think it's probably going to be a couple days. He's got to get a lot of treatment in there.

On Dan Dicks: Dan Dicks' knee was better than I thought, so I'm pushing for tomorrow afternoon maybe. Wednesday morning for sure.

On Scott White: Scott White's hamstring was probably a little worse than we anticipated, so he's probably going to be a couple days.

On Tyler Krambrink: He broke his hand last week scrimmaging I think. He had a hand injury before, it may be the same hand. Saturday he dislodged a thing in his hand and they had to put the big cast on him today, and they told him he could go. It's going to be painful for another week, but he can practice and it's not going to affect the injury any more.

On C.J. Wallace: I thought C.J. Wallace really whapped a few people on Saturday. When he knows where to go, he's a high-velocity guy and we are looking for that at safety. He might. Running and hitting is still the name of the game, but the variety of things you line up on is difficult for a freshman to line up and get ready for all the spreads. He is a hitter. The kid will hit you.

On Adam Seery: Seery is contending for that (fullback) job. Well you bet it is (a dead heat). I think Adam played the best on Saturday. That's a day-to-day thing. The competition is good for both of them, (Seery and Ty Eriks).

On Adam Seery sticking it out over the years: Isn't that great. It just shows you what you really can do if you stick it out. That is all such a part of this whole experiences. If I was an employer, that would be the first guy I'd go look for to get in my organization. The guys that fight through it and stick it out and find a way to contribute, that's a marvelous statement about him. I really believe that.

On Dash Crutchley: Dash had some tests today. He had some breathing problems after the morning practice. We held him and he's getting looked at. Top Stories