Jordan Paopao impressed with his group

Washington Tight Ends Coach Jordan Paopao spoke Sunday afternoon to the press after the Huskies' seventh day of fall camp, held inside Husky Stadium.

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On the progression of the tight ends “As a group I think we’re really dialing into the details of our assignments, really making sure we’re over communicating and letting our playing experience take over. I really see these guys taking their games to the next level in terms of run blocking and being multi-faceted threats out on the field and being able to adjust on the run for us and being a good part of our offense.”

Is there a more aggressive mindset this year? “I think that’s just the competitive level of the room. You see a guy like Darrell Daniels make a big time play and then Drew Sample wants to come in and make a big time block to set the runner free, he wants to make a big time catch. I think Jeff (Lindquist), just the natural transition from the quarterback room to us right now, you’re seeing him latch on to the box play and the physicality of it. When has success, I think that’s what’s so cool about the room; we’re trying to be ultra-competitive with each other, but at the same time celebrate successes and it really is a great family and some good dudes in the room.”
How has the progression of the transition been for Jeff Lindquist and Will Dissly? “I think, really to their testament, summer was unbelievable for them in terms of their growth, not only in the weight room, but in terms of their football knowledge and their assignments and being in our room and pass assignments and everything along those lines. I really think that’s elevated the bar. Those guys, Will Dissly and Jeff Lindquist are making some big time plays out on they field this camp and I think that’s contagious. That’s making sure the guys like Dave (David Ajamu) and Drew (Sample) and even Darrell (Daniels) that have been there for a while, it’s making them elevate their games even more.”
On Michael Neal “Mike (Neal) has done an awesome job, just in terms of grasping the play book and everything that comes along with being a tight end at the University of Washington. Assignment wise he’s been awesome. Still some adjustment going on for him in terms of playing inside the box, but definitely some big time progress out of him. I’m really fired up about this ability and he scored a touchdown the other day. It was pretty cool to see him do that.”
How has Darrell Daniels picked up the leadership role? “I think Darrell has always been really good at being a vocal leader. Darrell has never had a problem not saying things on the field. Where I really do think I’ve seen progress is just his poise and being able to control his emotions, especially when he wants to go off a little bit. That’s the biggest growth I’ve seen out of that young man and I commend him for it because I know that’s taken a lot of work for him. As a leader, just his ability to come to work every single day, approaching the game as a professional has been really pleasing.”

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