Ajamu rekindles his love for the game

Washington junior tight end David Ajamu spoke Sunday afternoon to the press after the Huskies' seventh day of fall camp, held inside Husky Stadium.

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On his injury last year “I kind of look at it in a blessing in disguise almost. It gave me time to really think about how I wanted to approach football again. Come back and how I wanted to take it over again The injury was a major set back, but looking at it now it really helped me love the game. It made me appreciate the game. i’m thankful for it.” 

Are there specific things you appreciate that you used to take for granted? “You could say that. You never know when your last play is going to be, and that’s how I play everyday now. Today could have been my last day, just like USC was the last play of that season. I embrace everyday as much as I can.”
Are the tight ends more physical than in the past? “We as tight ends, we sat together and said ‘you know what? We’re going to be the most aggressive group on the field.’ That’s what we’re doing and that’s what we’re here to prove. We’re aggressive blockers, aggressive route runners, aggressive catchers, we attack the ball, we attack any block we get, we go all out and it gets the job done. That’s what we’re here to do.”
What’s the biggest strength of the tight ends? “I would say how close we are. We’re a very tight group and it helps out on the field because we’re always on each other, like ‘hey, you could do this better or you can do this better or you can get this better.’ We’re here to help each other and it’s like a little family and it’s great to be around them.”
On the helmets “You can see a lot better in the helmets. The vision is tenfold. You can see your peripherals a lot better. The bangs you don’t feel as bad. They’re good helmets.”

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