Chris Strausser breaks down the UW OL

Washington Offensive Line Coach Chris Strausser spoke Sunday afternoon to the press after the Huskies' seventh day of fall camp, held inside Husky Stadium.

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On the depth “I feel better about the depth than I have since I’ve been here in terms of guys who can really go in there and can play and be athletic and not just bandaids. Most guys have played a little bit of football, which is good. I’d love to get through a game with five guys. If we can get that done, we’ll get that done. But I feel good about the depth we have. I think as fall camp goes on we’ll have a little bit of a rhythm with a group.”

On Kaleb McGary playing with the ones more “Yeah. He missed the second half of spring ball, so my intent was certainly to come back into spring ball who we finished spring ball. He’s had a really good fall camp, probably as good as anyone in our group and so give him a chance to get in there and compete against the ones on defense.”
Has Kaleb McGary’s understanding improved since last year? “He understands it way better now than he did last year. I think the same for Trey (Adams). He’s able to play a lot faster than he was last year. There was so much thinking pre-snap and it’s hard to play at the speed you need to play when you’re thinking.”
On Coleman Shelton “I feel like this is redundant, but he’s such a leader for the group. Having that guy in the middle just makes drastic difference for everybody else. You have some younger guys in there; they feed off a guy like Coleman (Shelton). He’s just competitive and they just feel him in there. And I think he’s playing good football.”
On Shane Brostek “He has game reps, he understands the offense well. I still feel like that’s a really, really competitive spot right now and move some guys around. He’s having a decent fall camp so far.”
Is Jesse Sosebee pushing him? “He’s got some reps there. I put a few other guys there. Today Matt James got some reps there. I think that’s a competitive spot.”
Is it hard rotating guys in so much? “It hurts a little bit, but I think this point in camp it’s expected. I think, with the exception of maybe a handful of teams out there, everybody is doing it. You can’t really tell your group that it’s competitive and open and then not make any moves at any point, because at some point they don’t buy it. If one guys is playing better than the next you have to give them a chance to compete against the number one defense and see if he does better there.”
On Kaleb McGary “We’re really pleased with what Kaleb (McGary) has done this fall camp.”
What has Kaleb McGary improved the most? “Really just the details of understanding the position and allowing himself to play athletic. He’s such a big and athletic guy. He probably didn’t take as much of a step as he wanted in terms of really understanding the steps so he could take advantage of his athleticism. Now he’s got it. He still makes mistakes, but he’s got it. He can play fast and explosive like he is. he is a big strong dude and when he knows what he’s doing, which he does most of the time now, it makes a difference.”
Is it harder to work with kids who didn’t play offensive line in high school? “I think it’s a little harder. Some guys are super natural guys. I’ve had guys before that played defense in high school, came over to offense and did really well. I think for him it would have helped him to play o-line in high school.”
On Jesse Sosebee “Jesse is an inside guy for us for sure. He played some left guard today. He’s played right guard starting up fall camp. He started some games last year and, like you said, he got hurt and was out of the rotation. If he can keep himself healthy I think he’s some good depth for us.”
On Jared Hilbers and other redshirt freshman “Everyone’s pretty much getting even reps still in fall camp; ones, twos, and threes are all getting good reps. I think Jared Hilbers has made good progress for us. he’s a guy that, although he did play some high school football, not real natural for him. It was a hard transition for him last year, but he’s a big athletic guy. He continues to progress. He’s playing behind Trey at left tackle. I’ve been pleased with what he’s done so far this fall camp. He’s shown some good progress. He may not end up at left tackle, that’s where he’s at now. Henry (Roberts) is still coming along right now. he does a lot of really good things for us. We’re still trying to teach him that every play is not veer.”
On Luke Wattenberg and Nick Harris “Love them both. Great attitude. They’re nasty kids by nature out on the football field. They’re super athletic, ‘yes sir.’ They listen; they want to be coached. Super pleased with both. I promise to everyone that wasn’t sure about Nick Harris, that guy is going to be a good player for us.”
How early do you try to find a players’ permanent position? “Depends on what the quickest way for a guy like that to get on the field is.”

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