Dante Pettis is a hooper!

Washington junior receiver Dante Pettis spoke Sunday afternoon to the press after the Huskies' seventh day of fall camp, held inside Husky Stadium.

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On his dunk that went big on twitter “Me and a few of the guys, we will always go out and play basketball and at the end we’ll always have a dunk, not like a competition, but like a show. SO we’ll always try different things and that was just one of the ones I tried that day.”

Did you play basketball in high school? “I did.”
Were you any good? “Yeah. I could do a few things. I was hurt my senior year and I didn’t really play much my junior year, so I didn’t get in the game that much. But when I did I did alright.”
On picture day “It was fun. It was a good little break too from going from practice to meetings to eating and more meetings. It was a good break, had a little fun in between.”
Do you still play basketball? “Yeah, all the time. We’ll go to the IMA. Sometimes we play with the actual team if we want to get real competitive. That’s fun.”
Do you try to dunk on guys a lot? “Not necessarily on guys. I don’t want to do anything to get hurt. I’ll drive to the rim, kind of like Russell Westbrook a little bit.”
How does the group look after one week? “Really good. We’ve definitely started to pull it together. If you guys have been watching the past few days we’ve been clicking a lot more, getting some good drives going.”
What do you think you need to improve on from last year? “I’d say big plays. I don’t think we made enough game changing plays or when it was crunch time I don’t think we showed up as well as we wanted to. I think that comes, maybe it’s confidence, I don’t know. But I feel like we’re going in that direction.”
What goes into making more big plays? “I think practice, knowing everything, getting fundamentals down, making sure 'okay, if they’re right here I’m going to do this release, if they’re right there we’re running the route this way’ and at the end of the day just playing football.”
Have you seen things during camp that makes you feel you’re headed in that direction? “Yeah, definitely. Contested catches and stuff like that. It’s just really everything that we’ve been doing I think is a big improvement and it shows how hard we worked in the offseason. We got stronger, we got faster, and everyone was really grinding in the film room too, studying film, seeing how they could effect their craft.”
On big plays “That’s really what receiver is. At the end of the day, once the quarterback throws the ball, it’s really up to you to make the play. No matter where the DB is, no matter where the ball is, the quarterback trusts you, he puts the ball up, you have to make a play.”
Who have you seen that can make a big contribution that people aren’t aware of? “I think everyone is doing amazing this camp. Obviously Andre Baccellia redshirted last year. Quinten Pounds, he redshirted too, so I think those two have been showing a lot of stuff. I think they’re going to help us a lot.”
On KJ Young “He’s pretty smooth. He’s good in and out of his breaks and stuff. I’m looking forward to see, once we really start to play, how he adapts to everything. He’s still learning the playbook right now so it’s hard to just throw him in there and say ‘okay, go play.’ But once he really understands the play book I think he’ll have a better understanding.”
How hard is it to pick things up as quickly as KJ has to? “Extremely hard. It’s probably a little easier than coming in as a freshman because he understands the game of college football a little bit more. When I was a freshman I had no idea what college football would be like; I wasn’t used to the speed or anything. At least he has that part where he’s used to the speed, he’s used to the level of competition. I just think it takes a little time to get used to a whole different system."

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