Budda Baker talks about his new diet

Washington Defensive Backs Coach Jimmy Lake spoke Monday afternoon to the press after the Huskies' eighth day of fall camp, held inside Husky Stadium.

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On the defense competing hard against the offense “We love to compete with them. They love to compete with us. We just try to focus on acting like it’s game day and studying University of Washington offense. That’s what we try to do.”
On getting a few penalties “Yeah. We call that adversity. A lot of things might happen, but at the end of the day you can’t complain about it and you had to get ready.”
Does the worry of targeting penalties affect you? “Of course not. We preach on being a sure tackling team. Azeem (Victor)’s hit I didn’t thing was dirty, but what happened happened and he got kicked out of the game. We just try so hard and use our shoulders and keep our head out of it.”
What are you most excited for? “I’m very excited. We’re thinking about each day. Today we just got done with practice and are thinking about meetings later tonight and do it all over again. That’s what our mindset is.”
What did you eat to gain weight? “A lot of meat. A lot of some type of vegetables, trying to stay healthy and stay away from candy and that kind of stuff. That helped me a lot.”
Was there anything you got sick of eating? “I hate vegetables, so anytime I had to eat a vegetable I gagged a little bit.”
Was there one vegetable you settled on? “Broccoli is usually not the most, people don’t usually like broccoli, but at the end of the day it was the easiest to swallow with a glass of water as well.”
What are you looking to improve on this year? “Just trying to get smarter as the game goes on. Watch a lot of film. My teammates, all of us are trying to get smarter. The smarter you are on the field the more time you get and the more opportunities you get to make plays.”
How is coach Lake helping you play smarter? “Coach Lake helps a lot. We’re always in the film room. DBs I feel like are always the last ones in the film room because coach Lake really wants us to get this kind of stuff.”
What are you doing to be a leader? “I’m just looking to help the teammates and they’re helping me. We don’t really think of leaders like that; we’re all trying to get each other better. If I mess up and they give me opinions  we put our egos aside and get ready to learn.”
Have you been able to maintain your weight? “Yeah. We get on the scale every day. Today I was 192 and I’m trying to maintain that.”
Are you happy with that? “Yeah, just trying to maintain. I don’t know if you can really gain weight during fall camp, but I’m just trying to maintain right now.”
Have you told any girls you’re gaining weight? “No not at all. I have a little girl friend so shoutout her.”
On the defense today “We started off slow. Offense was getting us a bit. Then we had a meeting and we showed the offense what the defense can do. They got us, we got them, we just went back and forth and had a great time.”
On picking on Sean McGrew a little bit “We pick on everybody. They pick on us, we pick on them, it’s all out of love. None of us get really mad. It’s just real fun.”

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