Damion Turpin excited for last go-around

Washington Senior Defensive Lineman Damion Turpin spoke Monday afternoon to the press after the Huskies' eighth day of fall camp, held inside Husky Stadium.

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On entering his final season “It gets rougher every year, bodies start catching up to you and all that stuff. Just challenges to be tougher and grind things out a little more. It definitely challenges me; it’s definitely a challenge, my fifth fall camp, getting through that. It’s a grind but I’m sticking to it, working hard, and all those things.”

On his leadership role “A lot of the young guys, they haven’t really experienced fall camps and stuff like that, especially the freshman. I feel like I serve as an encouragement to keep going, because when younger guys see an older guy going through it, it kind of encourages them like ‘I can go through it too. This guy has done it four or five times, I know I can do it at least one time this year.’ I think it’s a big encouragement.”
How have you elevated your game since last year? “I think one improvement is mindset, just having that mindset like ‘it’s my last year. I’m not going to waste this year. I’m not going to just settle for the minimum. I just came in with the mindset of a winner. I’m just going to work hard, go out with a bang, just do whatever I have to do to contribute to the team so we can be successful.”
On the depth of the line “It’s actually fun. We have a bunch of different guys, different talents. I think it’s just fun when you’re in the game with different guys who can do different things. It kind of just challenges you to be able to work with different guys and to adjust to those different speeds and sizes. You know Greg (Gaines) and Vita (Vea), those guys are bigger, speedier guys. When you’re working with Jaylen (Johnson), he’s a slimmer, faster guy. It just helps you get in the rotation working with other guys and making those adjustments on the run on the field.”
On the versatility of the line “I think it’s very unique. We’re very athletic guys. We have 300 pounders that can move the way like we have, it’s very easy to put them anywhere on the defensive line and expect them to be successful, because of their athleticism. I think that really helps when teams go fast in the PAC-12. We don’t have to worry about ‘this guy on that side.’ We can just line up and just go. I feel like that’s a really good thing, we can have guys out there and not worry about having certain guys out there. You can just have any guys out there and they know their job and you can expect they can execute it.”
What are some personal and team goals “Just success, whatever way it may come. My personal goal whatever bowl game may be, win the bowl game, whatever challenges and adversity, we overcome it. Just be a successful team. I’m contributing my part; I know and trust my brothers will contribute their parts to it. Just looking to have fun this year and on my last round just looking to have fun and win some games.”

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