Jake Browning talks to the press

Wednesday was the last time for the media to talk to Washington Quarterback Jake Browning during the initial phase of fall camp, and he talked about what he needs to work on, going up against the UW defense, and more.

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How’s your second year of practice? “Good. I think just having all those reps helps a lot and knowing what to expect a little bit more, but still competing the same way; like you’re brand new.”

How have you changed starting your second year? “Just all those reps, there’s nothing really specifically. I think I know a little more of what to expect as far as fall camp and just the grind of it a little bit, taking care of my body a little better than I did last year. I think you have to treat it the same, like you’re brand new, like you don’t know anything. I think once you lose that mind set, that’s when you stop getting better.” 

How much of a challenge is it to go against this defense every week? “They’re a very good defense, but at the end of the day, we have to score. I don’t care who it is. If it’s Kevin King or Rutgers’ defense we have to score.”

Do you think you’ve made strides in the last few practices? “I mean, yeah. I think it’s just finally been clicking. We were doing well in PRPs. There’s a whole summer that you guys don’t see that a lot of people are working hard, like the Quinten’s (Quinten Pounds), the Andre’s (Andre Baccellia), even (John) Ross. He hasn’t had a fall camp in a while. I think we finally had it all clicking together. And we went all pads, so a broken tackle is a broken tackle. I don’t know how many good plays you can have without anybody being touched.”

On Aaron Fuller “My locker is right next to his, so I told him at this point I don’t know what Myles (Gaskin) was on the depth chart or I was, but it’s all about how you finish. If you can finish camp well and be consistent throughout it, then yeah, maybe you have a shot. I think he has the skill set to do it, it’s just whether or not he stays consistent all the way through. It’s still the beginning of camp. It’s a long camp. There are long quarters. This is all we got. We have football, and that’s about it. So, who’s really going to grind it out. Everybody gets a lot better their first couple practices. Who’s going to get this little bit better every single time?” 

How much more do you learn from a full scrimmage than a non-contact practice? “For me, if it’s a scrimmage we have to treat every rep like a scrimmage rep. Not a lot different for us. I think for some of the younger guys it can show, okay when the lights are on and it’s full go I’m not going to be someone you can’t trust when the lights are on and everyone is watching and it’s live. I think that’s where you can step up as young guys. As an older guy, you should be showing that every single rep.”

Do you have more confidence throwing into tight spaces after watching the receivers make some good catches today? “Yeah. I was going to throw last year if they were open, it doesn’t matter. If you’re open, you’re going to get the ball.”

Has catching in traffic been an emphasis? “I don’t know what you’re basing that off of. I wouldn’t say that they were not good previously at catching in tight spaces. I thought they were really good at it last year. Yeah, they’re receivers. They practice a lot on the jugs and stuff like that. When they come down with that I think it’s kind of expected on their behalf and they expect to catch it too.”

Is it hard to stay in the pocket with pressure? “Yeah, I have to stick in the pocket more.”

Compare this defense to what you face in the PAC-12 “This is the only defense I really remember specifically. I think they’re a really good defense; they have a really good secondary. That’s who we go against live, one-on-ones. I think our receivers are getting really good work. Our DBs are getting good work. We have some good receivers who can definitely get open. I don’t think they want to be compared either, to last year or anything like that. It’s a brand new year.”

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You tweeted that you will stop using twitter now that fall camp is here. Have any teammates followed your lead? “I don’t know. I’m not on twitter so I wouldn’t see it. No. I did that last year too.”

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