Myles Gaskin wants to be Thunder & Lightning

Washington Sophomore Running Back Myles Gaskin spoke Wednesday afternoon to the press after the Huskies' ninth day of fall camp, held inside Husky Stadium.

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On what he’s done to take his game to the next level “Just getting in the film room, working on my pass protection, working on being able to watch other guys and trying to put what they do into my game. Just trying to work on all aspects. That’s a hard question. I try to work on everything because you can never get too good at something; you can always grow on it. That’s what I think I have to do and that’s what I think I’ve been doing. We’ll find out when we play Rutgers." 

How are you guys replacing Dwayne Washington? “It definitely a group effort. We love Dwayne (Washington), that’s the bro. But it’s a group effort. I think me, Lavon (Coleman), Jomon (Dotson), the new guys coming in, Ralph (Kinne) and Gavin (McDaniel), Sean (McGrew) and Kamari (Pleasant), we’re all just seeing where we fit in to pick up his role. I know Juice (Jomon Dotson) is the fast guy, and that’s what Dwayne was. And he has good hands too. Me and Lavon can do the same thing as well, but I think Juice has picked up that role and aspect. Catching the ball and just being one of those that if he gets in open space, he’s gone. That’s the way Dwayne was when he was here. And still. If you watched the Lions game he took one to the crib just the other night.” 

Are you and Lavon Coleman a thunder and lightning duo? “I feel like media does that to everybody. ‘If you’re big you have to be thunder and if you’re small you’re lightning.’ We’re just two running backs, two bros, just feeding off each other. I feel like if you say ‘he’s thunder’ he can’t be quick on his feet and stuff like that. And Lavon has good feet. And when you say ‘I’m lightning,’ then I can’t run anyone over. I think I can do that. I think we just play football and I think we feed off each other and do what we have to do. I don’t think anybody is thunder and lightning at all.” 

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Do the running backs have complementing skill sets? “I think we just play ball to be honest.”

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