Kwiatkowski Says Young LBs Are Coming Along

Husky defensive coordinator talks about Friday's scrimmage and which young linebackers have really impressed so far...

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On the scrimmage Friday “The tackling was okay, but we need to be better than okay. The one thing that stood out when we tackled like we want to, low, good leverage, we’re really efficient at it. When we go high we’re not as efficient. There’s more misses, more extra yards. That stood out for sure. And just being able to get a lot of the young guys live reps out there, see what they can do. There’s a lot of stuff thrown at them, but just see who can play and see how they respond to live football. But other than that, energy was great, desire was awesome. We just have to clean up the execution part of it and keep getting better. 

Was it more emphasized for the younger guys? “Yeah. We got our ones, whatever, it’s all jumbled now. The guys who have played a lot, they got their work in. The guys that haven’t played a lot got more work than the other guys. Just try to balance that out and get guys tackling live. We aren’t going to be able to do that much the rest of the way.” 

On the outside linebacker spots “Yeah. They’re into it obviously, and it’s sort of like three years ago. They’ve got to go out and they have to show what they can do. I have the utmost confidence in their ability to do that, and they just have to go do it.” 

On Psalm Wooching and his adventurous career “It’s almost a 180. And not only that, but he’s poised, playing under control, but still being that physical, aggressive guy that he is. That’s where he’s made huge strides, being able to keep his negative energy in check and channeling that to be productive out there, not hurt the team.” 

Has that been a struggle for him? “Yeah, and it’s just, you know, you get what you emphasize. We have our standards and stuck to them and it is what it is. He came around. It just took a little time."

Is it fun to see a guy like that make that change? “It’s awesome. It’s the best. He’s not the only one, there are some more guys that have come so far in other aspects than just football, keeping in order and doing the things they need to be really good people. As a coach, where it’s all about wins and losses, and we understand that, at the same time we want these guys to get something out of this other than the game day experience."

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