Victor Focusing On Football I.Q.

Husky junior linebacker Azeem Victor talks about the young linebackers and increasing his Football I.Q....

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On the scrimmage Friday “It was pretty cool seeing the young guys go out there and just fly around. That’s what I was more excited about.”

Are Camilo Eifler and Brandon Wellington picking things up well? “Oh yeah. They are. I’m very excited for them. Brandon Wellington had two picks yesterday and Milo (Camilo Eifler) had one. Just seeing that, them starting early, and they’re already getting interceptions, that’s big time. I’m excited.” 

Are you guys tired of hitting each other and ready to hit someone else? “Yeah. I think we’ve been to that point since the beginning of camp. It’s a day-by-day grind. Once the time comes we’re going to be ready to unleash whatever tension we have.” 

What do you work on in camp? “It’s logical. Football IQ, just knowing where to be at, learning everybody else’s position. There are a lot of things you can do. And what I try to improvise onto it in this camp is football IQ, knowing where I’m supposed to be and where everybody else is supposed to be, knowing what the d line movements are and stuff like that.” 

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On the linebacker corps “Our whole linebacker corps is a talented group of guys. I was happy. I was sitting there smiling, having a good time just seeing those young guys out there flying around and making plays. It was just a good feeling.”

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