Baker Says Nothing Has Changed

Husky junior safety Budda Baker talks about if his role has changed much since he arrived three years ago...

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On starting his junior season of football “Yeah, I mean, it’s crazy. It just seemed like last year I was a freshman and now I’m about to be a junior.”

How has your role changed from when you first got here to now? “I mean, not really that much. It’s just whatever coaches want us to have. He preaches that corners need to know the safety positions and nickel position and the safeties needs to know the nickel position and the corner positions. The nickel needs to know the corner positions and safety positions. He just wants everybody to know each position, so if he decided to throw you out there you know what you’re doing.” 

On the young defensive backs “Us together, all the junior that played together our freshman year, we’re like ‘dang, these guys are good.’ These guys are just freshman and they’re already getting all these calls and all these changes to calls and all that type of stuff. It’s a great thing to see.” 

On Ezekiel Turner “Zeke (Ezekiel Turner) is doing great. We call him the bang bro because he’ll hit anything and anybody. He’s doing great. He’s going to get time. A lot of people are going to be getting time. We’re not really paying attention to all the starting stuff. We’re just paying attention to getting each other better.” 

Has it been hard not to change your play style as you’ve added weight? “Not really. Ever since I was in little league I’ve had the same tackling. I was kind of a bigger guy in little league and I still tackle the same, shoulder tackle. So I’ll just give credit to my little league coaches, high school even. They always preached shoulder tackling, and now in college it’s the same stuff. It’s great for me."

Are you ready to hit someone in a different uniform? “Yeah, of course. But we’re not done with fall camp yet. We just got done with practice 16 and we’re just going to get ready; get ready for each day. We have meetings tonight and we’re going to correct our stuff."

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