Bartlett Learns From Those Who Paved The Way

Husky sophomore linebacker Tevis Bartlett says that he learned a lot from the players, especially Cory Littleton, who came along before him...

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On the scrimmage Friday “It was great having our fans there. Any time we get the people in the stands it kind of gives us extra energy. It’s exciting having everybody there, so that’s always fun. And obviously the scrimmage, being able to kind of go live was obviously really fun and suit up, full pads and everything is good as we’re getting ready. First game is only two weeks away now. I thought the defense played well, but there’s obviously still a lot of things we need to fix and kind of clean up as we move forward.” 

On tackling “I think for us it’s just working on the fundamentals that we’ve put in place as far as our tacking style. We preach on being a low, shoulder-tackling team. Those tend to be the most efficient tackles. Getting everybody dialed in on that technique is kind of the steps we’re taking to becoming a more sure-tackling team.”

On adjusting to playing with his new weight “I probably got to 230 early at the beginning of last winter, so all the lifting and that kind of stuff got me used to it. And just all winter working on my speed and my strength. At first I would say it was different. I felt slower kind of. But going through all of winter and summer workouts has kind of made me more comfortable and used to it.” 

What did you learn from Cory Littleton? “Pretty much everything I know to be honest with you. He was huge to have in the room, to be able to ask him at any time ‘hey, why did you do this, what do we do on this play, what did you see out there?’ Kind of that. Making that transition from high school quarterback and safety to outside linebacker in college can kind of be tricky, and having a guy like that to kind of lead you through all that was awesome for me to have last year.”

Have you been helping Amandre Williams, who also played QB in high school, make his transition to college outside linebacker? “Amandre (Williams) is a little different. He played a little bit of d line and stuff like that in high school. A lot of that stuff comes more natural to him. Same kind of thing, sitting in the back like ‘oh, why’d you do that? Do this here.’ Just a little tweak here and there. He’s doing a great job. He’s picking it up really good and I look forward to watching him play out there honestly.” 

How has fall camp been? “I’m pretty tired honestly. That’s just kind of how it goes during fall camp. You’re body’s just kind of always worn out, but that’s how it’s going to be for the rest of the season. That’s not a huge deal. What I’m saying is I can feel the camp, but I’m with those guys. Once you start you kind of lose track of the days and it all kind of blends together. It’s kind of crazy that we only have another week, but it’s been good."

How do you keep the energy up in camp? “A lot of it is just being around each other. We do a lot of that Husky Olympic stuff, which is really fun and it kind of keeps the energy up. Coach Petersen always talks about ‘great teams bring their own energy.’ So that’s something we need to continue to make sure we’re paying attention to it as we go through fall camp and into the season."

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