Smith starting to pare down the offense

On Monday, Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith spoke to the media about the work the offense put in this past weekend during their scrimmages, paring down the offense as they start to get ready for Rutgers game week, and how the backup quarterback competition is going.

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Thoughts on the scrimmage and the offense this weekend - “Some good, some bad. I think the consistency of play, we’ve got to continue to improve on. Pleased that a lot of guys got reps. Everybody got to play. There were guys learning from reps, young kids they played a lot. So that was good.”

How is the backup QB battle going? - “Those guys were back and forth with it. KJ (Carta-Samuels) and Tone (Tony Rodriguez), they’ve done some good things, working on their consistency as well to really seize that spot. But both of those guys have shown that they are capable.”

Do you see offenses shifting more toward smash-mouth from the spread? - “I think there’s something to that. I think the game in general is cyclical, whether it’s a couple years, 10-12 years the game starts cycling back because there’s good schemes. But there are some schemes where you put the quarterback under center and try and play physical and set up some action pass. That’s sound football too and there’s good football too that spreads people out and really try to run the ball when you spread them out, run some option.”

Do you think about those larger philosophical questions in the off-season to try and gain an advantage? - “Yeah. You think about it just in general, like a package of plays. Not just one particular play, but what plays fit together. What sets up the next play? That’s a larger philosophical question that we do every year.”

When do you start paring back your inventory during fall camp? - “We’re close to that point now. We even installed some more things today, so those guys have been good because our volume is almost too high. We’ve got a lot going on, you see some areas today where - and I just think it’s due to the high volume of plays that we’ve got in. We’ll start streamlining things here in the next few days for Rutgers. We’ll pare it down.”

Could you name all 11 starters now, and is that important? - “I don’t think it’s important and I couldn’t do all 11 spots. We’re definitely close. We know a couple of spots for sure, but I couldn’t tell you all 11 and I don’t think it’s all that important. As you get closer you definitely going to running reps with guys that have comfort level - receivers on the perimeter, quarterback, passing time - things like that. I don’t think it’s vital vital that we know this day that we’ve got 11.”

For running back, what’s the reasonable amount of carries for Myles in a game? - “It depends on the game. We’re definitely going to want to give him the ball a decent amount. It’s a long season, we don’t put specific numbers on it, but I know we couldn’t give it to him 35-40 times every game. That’s going to wear him out.”

Is the defense still making it tough for you guys? - “They run a sound scheme, it’s a good scheme. They’ve been changing it up, done some different stuff. But at the end of the day it’s really good for us because they do show us some different looks and when we prepare for an opponent while it’s very similar to what we run here defensively.”

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