McGary finds comfort on the offensive line

Now in his third season at Washington, Kaleb McGary is in a comfortable place. For the former tight end/defensive lineman, it took McGary some time to get adjusted to playing on the offensive line, but now he feels he's where he needs to be.

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Is it easier blocking for Myles Gaskin now that your’e used to his style? “Kind of yeah. You learn to realize he’s going to read you, he’s going to look at your blocks. So if you know the scheme and know where you want to get the defender to be so he can read you, it’s easier to take those steps to know where you need to step, how quickly, and all that. It certainly helps to have a guy back there that you know is going to read you and you know kind of how he looks at things. I would say that definitely helps.”

Are you learning positions other than right tackle to stay versatile? “Yes and no. I try to learn every position, just because we get tests and stuff. It certainly helps to do my job better if I know what the guy next to me has to do. That way we can help each other on the field and such. Right tackle, you instinctively learn left because it’s the same thing, just on the other side. In a sense we’re all learning what everyone does on the o-line.”

On the difficulty of the transition from defense to offense “At first, yes because it was a very difficult redshirt year for me. I didn’t feel like I did very well. I really, really wanted to play defense. I was pretty dead set on it to start with. I was heart broken at the end of camp being told ‘you’re going to redshirt.’ I had all the egotistical problems of ‘I’m not good enough.’ But as time went on and I got into doing drills and stuff, it just felt more natural, I felt better, I honestly just felt like I belonged here.”

Would you say you’re more confident now? “Absolutely. I feel more comfortable, more confident, more sure of myself. I’ve been working all offseason like everyone else has trying to better myself, gain more speed, strength, bigger, faster, stronger. Learn how to control and really utilize my physical capabilities. I absolutely feel more confident and sure of myself.”

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