There's chemistry along the UW OL

It might be weird to hear it, but there's a wealth of experience along Washington's offensive line this fall despite having only two seniors. Jake Eldrenkamp is one of those seniors, and he says it's been a while since the Huskies have had this kind of chemistry along the OL.

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On the scrimmage Friday “It felt good. It felt good to have all the fans out there. Everyone was feeling the energy back at the stadium, so it was a lot of fun, great weather, and just flying around.”

Do you help the younger kids get used to fall camp? “Yeah. I’ve been trying to be a mentor in a sense to those guys and let them know what it’s like. It’s really easy to fall into the grind and just say ‘shoot, we have 10 more days or nine more days.’ Just being able to be positive through it.”

On the chemistry of the line “It’s been a couple years since we’ve had an o-line like this with a lot of starts under our belt. The chemistry for sure is there and it’s good to be playing with guys that you know how they play and you know how to play next to them. It’s definitely a new experience for us to have a returning line like this.”

On Henry Roberts “I like Henry (Roberts) a lot. He’s a good player, a good guy, and definitely being from Bellevue it’s easier to relate to him and bring him under my wing per se and show him the ropes.”

What have you worked on to take your game to the next level? “One thing I’ve worked on, and I know the whole offensive line has really improved on is our pass rushing as an offensive line. We’ve added some new techniques, some new tools to our belt. Just being able to work those in has been really helpful.”

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